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Worx Trivac All-in-One Electric Leaf Blower Review

Fall is a beautiful season. During this period, trees shed their leaves in preparation for the upcoming winter and its harsh weather conditions. This phenomenon covers streets and gardens alike with a tapestry of beautiful colors and textures. However, even though they may look great at first, accumulated fallen leaves rot, taking up space while capturing humidity. That’s why some people also see fall as the season of raking, blowing, bagging and mulching. Luckily, technology has given us leaf blowers to alleviate that burden. This article will focus on one of the best ones available: the Worx Trivac All-In-One Electric Leaf Blower.

the worx trivac all in one leaf blower

Top Features of the Worx Trivac All-in-One Electric Leaf Blower

1. Comfortable and Lightweight

Thanks to its ergonomic design, this leaf blower boasts an incredibly secure grip and superior balance. The combination of both characteristics results in a natural hold that makes handling easy and precise. Moreover, the Worx Trivac only weights 8.4 pounds, placing itself among the lightest high-quality leaf blowers in the market.

This feature allows users to easily and comfortably handle it using just one arm. Notably, the designers of this fantastic leaf blower managed to make it very compact without settling for a smaller motor. This feature makes it easy not only to handle but also to store.

2. Efficient Motor

This product features a 12 Amp electric motor that is more than capable of getting the job done. In fact, it’s strong enough to clear areas full of wet leaves without any problems whatsoever. However, the power of the Worx Trivac All-in-One is most evident when it is running as a blower.

Quite impressively, it’s capable of producing an air speed of up to 210 miles per hour. Surprisingly, even at its maximum power, this leaf blower runs at only 70 decibels. People worried about noise pollution will definitely be content with this low number.

3. Innovative Design

One of the most distinctive features of this product is the angle of its tube. It’s very helpful for getting to places that are hard to reach. Additionally, this product is remarkably easy to clean.

Pros and Cons of the Worx Trivac All-in-One Electric Leaf Blower

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Worx Trivac All-in-One Pros

• It turns into a vacuum with the flip of a switch.  Unlike other products of the same kind, the Trivac All-in-One doesn’t require users to manually move or take apart any parts in order to switch between modes.

• Its ergonomic design makes it easy to manipulate and store. This leaf blower is amazingly compact considering all the power it delivers. Additionally, it’s lightweight enough to be used for extended periods of time without huge efforts of any kind. This allows users to handle it naturally, almost as an extension of their own bodies. It also makes it incredibly easy to store basically anywhere.

• Easily converts leaves into mulch.  After accumulating dead leaves in a single spot, the Worx Trivac All-in-One is capable of turning them into mulch amazingly easy using its vacuum mode. Amazingly, its 10 to 1 mulch ratio makes it perfect for creating compost.

Worx Trivac All-in-One Cons

• Plastic impeller.  Some customers may complain about the impeller being made of plastic. However, the reason for this is that metal impellers are heavy and expensive.

• Awkward shoulder strap. The strap that comes with the product has been described as being too short by some of the taller users of the product. Some of them also complained about the angle it the leaf blower rests in when hung from the shoulder.

The Bottom Line of Buying the Worx Trivac All-in-One Electric Leaf Blower

After an extensive trial period, this product has been found to be amazingly dependable. Even though that, at least at first, it may seem small and flimsy. However, after some time of use, it will be evident to customers that its compact size and lightweight do not entail it is weak.

Quite to the contrary, Worx’s Trivac All-in-One holds an impressive of power. That is true for both blowing and vacuuming leaves. Even at its lowest speed, it’s entirely capable of blowing leaves of any size. At its highest speed, the Trivac boosts air at 210 miles per hour, enough to move wet leaves, branches, gravel and even small stones.

Apart from power, this leaf blower offers its buyers a high level of usability. This has everything to do with its ergonomic design, reduced weight, and compact size. Many leaf blowers turn people off by being heavy and difficult to operate. However, the Worx Trivac aims at being as user-friendly as possible by being easy to lift, manipulate and store.

Its blower/vac is balanced enough not to constitute a problem maintaining the product stable enough to be used with high precision. It also permits users to use only one hand without compromising accuracy. Additionally, its angled nozzle permits reaching tough-to-reach places such as under cars or behind tight spaces between structures. Without a doubt, people with back problems will be particularly grateful for that feature.

Another great feature of the Worx Trivac is its debris collection bag. After being attached to the body of the machine, it’s slung over the user’s shoulder to maximize comfortability. The attachment process is quick and painless. Even though it holds up to 1.5 bushels of matter, this collection bag is remarkably easy to empty.

Bottom Line

After getting a close look at the features that the Worx Trivac has to offer, it’s hard not to become attached to it. We are talking about a compact and lightweight leaf blower that has enough power to blow you away, pun intended. It’s ergonomic and using it will not be a hassle. Apart from its great design, it’s durable and relatively inexpensive, resulting in great value. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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