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Toro Cordless Leaf Blower Review – The 51702 Model

For years, homeowners had two choices for a leaf blower. You either had to deal with an extension cord dragging around behind you or used a gasoline-powered blower. Both these alternatives held negative consequences for many users.

With battery technology improvements, now you can get the same power and performance from a cordless blower. The Toro Cordless Leaf Blower Model 51702 is a quality tool manufactured by an industry leader in lawn and property care equipment. Here’s why this model of Toro Cordless Leaf Blower is referred to as the sweeper.

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Top Features of the Toro Cordless Leaf Blower – Model 51702

There are a number of excellent features of the Model 51702 Toro Cordless Leaf Blower. Here are some top features that make this cordless blower so popular.

With two speed options, this model Toro blower allows you to adjust from a soft air volume for small jobs to an intense high-speed wind force for the bigger tasks.

Not only do you lack a cumbersome cord attached to the Toro Model 51702, but it is also lightweight. The blower only weighs 4 pounds. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for projects such as blowing leafs off rooftops. It is easy to pull onto the roof. This cordless model doesn’t create unsafe balance situations like heavy gas-powered machines do.

Using a powerful lithium-ion battery, the Toro Model 51702 packs an impressive level of power. The product holds a charge twice as long as the standard nickel-cadmium battery source.

An ergonomic handle is fashioned to fit any size in hand. The handle is padded with a soft grip, non-slip material to give you the feel of complete control. This combination allows you to focus the air where you need it, quickly using a swinging motion to power debris out of your way.

This blower packs power. Wind speed ratings are 120 mph at full throttle. These specs calculate to 150 cubic feet per minute (cfm). This means you can lift heavier objects with ease and send leaves and dirt hurdling across any surface texture.

The power source for the Toro Cordless Leaf Blower Model 51702 is a 24V max lithium-ion battery pack (model 88504). This battery model and charger 88503 are part of the Toro® Bare Tools package. This means you can use the power source for other Toro lawn and property maintenance equipment without the need to buy numerous chargers.

Toro backs the quality materials and workmanship of the Model 51702 with a full 2-year warranty. The blower tube unclips easily so you can quickly remove it and store the Model 51702 Toro blower. Including the battery charger, the whole system takes up only a couple feet of storage space.

Pros of the Toro Cordless Leaf Blower – Model 51702

  • Cordless – The most glaring advantage of the Model 51702 Toro Cordless Leaf Blower is that you do not need a cord or a can of fuel. This adds dramatically to the number of projects you can tackle and the convenience of use.
  • Lightweight – Since there is no need for a carburetor and fuel tank, even though it has a battery pack, it is only 1-pound heavier than corded models that offer the same impressive air speed ratings.
  • Convenience – One advantage that is often overlooked is the convenience of the power source. Blowing leaves or debris off a roof, for instance, is a very doable job for the Toro Model 51702 Cordless. You don’t have to worry about the dangers of tripping over an extension cord.

In addition, if you run out of juice, all you have to do is change out a spare battery pack, and you’re back on the job. There is no need to get off the roof and refuel.

You don’t have to figure out how to gas up standing on a ladder or the roof. Not only is this a pro based on convenience, but it improves the safety factor to expand the type of jobs you can handle.

toro cordless leaf blower 51702 Model

Cons of the Toro Cordless Leaf Blower – Model 51702

  • Work Limitation – Like any of the many cordless pieces of lawn equipment, you may run out of juice before you finish a project. This disadvantage can be turned into a minor inconvenience by purchasing an extra battery or even adding an upgraded power pack. You’ll always have back up power when you need it.
  • Insufficient Wind Force – The Model 51702 Toro Cordless Leaf Blower does have a maximum air volume of 120 mph. You may find this wind force is not sufficient to free sticky material or move damp grass and leaves. If you have many situations that require more power, you may want to consider a fuel powered leaf blower.

Is the Toro Cordless Leaf Blower – Model 51702 Worth Buying?

If you are looking for a powerful cordless source of wind power to handle a diverse number of products, the Toro Model 51702 is definitely worth buying. This is not a recommended alternative for commercial interests since the battery life is designed for residential jobs.

It is small and convenient, powerful enough to handle all the basic sweeping chores around your property. If you need a lightweight, powerful sweeper, the Toro Cordless Leaf Blower – Model 51702 is clearly worth buying.

Summing up the Toro Cordless Leaf Blower- Model 51702

For homeowners who want to cut the cord and do not want to refuel a blower just to sweep an area clean, owning a cordless blower is important. You need a tool that has a reasonable charge life but has enough punch to get work on the tough jobs.

The Model 51702 Toro Cordless Leaf Blower meets these requirements and more. You can leave the extension cord in the closet, and never have to handle the messy job of refueling. This cordless blower will tackle most of your small and intermediate sweeping jobs for many years.

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