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Toro 51619 Leaf Blower Review

If you ever needed a leaf blower to get you through all the tedious yard work that you can expect to experience come late summer and fall, then you might want to consider the Toro 51619 leaf blower as your next purchase consideration.

Not only is it affordable as far as leaf blowers are concerned, but it contains a right spectrum of features that make it stand out compared to other models in the same price range. And this article will be taking a look at what makes the Toro 51619 leaf blower an excellent choice for you as well as an in-depth look at the different features that they include.

What Is The Toro 51619 Leaf Blower? 

Toro 51619 Ultra Electric Blower Vac, 250 mph, Red
  • New larger metal impeller drives power and improved mulching
  • Powerful up to 250 mph degree
  • Vacuum tube, bottom-zip bag, power insert, concentrator nozzle and cord storage hook...

The Toro Ultra leaf blower is what you would expect it to be, a newly design leaf blower that has the capability of doing the same amount of work as their bulkier competition. Not only is it lightweight and easy to work with, but it also offers the same amount of power and versatility that the more expensive models tend to have.

This machine isn't just a leaf blower; in fact, the Toro leaf blower can mulch up discarded leaves thanks to the stainless steel blade that's located only on the inside of the more. Put on the appropriate setting, and then you'll be collecting leaves and turning them into mulch and compost that you can use in your gardens. 

Being able to utilize the leaves as a form of fertilizer is a great way I'm not only saving cost for fertilizer later on in the year but also an excellent way to prepare your plants for the winter by providing them a warm layer between the snow and the ground to prevent the roots from freezing.

Here Are The Specs

The Toro leaf blower is essentially three machines in one, and you get the benefit of the leaf Shredder, vacuum too, a mulch zipper bag, and a concentrator nozzle to get the job done. Thanks to the variable speed option that comes provided on your machine, no matter what kind of job you're doing you'll be able to have optimal control while you're doing it. 

This feature makes the Toro Ultra leaf blower easy to use and to operate which means you'll get more time in the yard with less of a chance of feeling tired at the end of your chores.

Compared to older models, the Toro Ultra leaf blower has a more substantial metal impeller in place so that it can take on a variety of different Leaf sizes without any hitches. 

Man wearing a tanktop holding a leaf blower

​Image via Pexels

Mulching Feature

We will say that while it is excellent at mulching up leaves, it is not the machine to use if you're trying to Mulcher pine needles as it's vacuum feature is not strong enough to suck up pine needles and mulch them out.

The mulching feature guarantees that you'll have an 88 percent of yard waste reduced to a half of an inch while you use it. Thanks to the reusable zipper bag you don't have to worry about extra expenses that come from purchasing multiple bags to operate your blower. 

With this blower, you will get 350 CPM in its blow mode, and you also get 410 CFM, and its vacuum mode. For the price, you're getting a powerful little tool, and it's even more impressive that it's running off of electric instead of gas which is usually where a lot of leaf blowers fall flat on their face. 

We also love the fact that it's a small machine, capable of being stowed away and even the tightest of tool spaces as well as being light enough and robust enough to handle anything that you put it up.

Thanks to the quick latch release you can easily convert your leaf blower into a mulching vacuum in just seconds without any additional tools required. This feature makes using the Toro Ultra leaf blower easy, and it also helps reduce the time it would typically take to do this kind of a job.

We also love the convenient cord locking feature that comes with the blower when you're done using it. You'll never have to worry about your cords being tangled or rolled up awkwardly on your shelving space again as it wraps tightly around the device and locks securely into place until you're ready to use it again. 

Additionally, you can easily hang the mulch bag as well which helps keep it from dragging on the ground and getting damaged. The bag itself has a convenient bottom zipper, so when you get done with using the mulching attachment on your blower, you can easily unzip the bag from the bottom and dump out all of its contents. 

It's features like these that show the kind of detail that Toro put into consideration for its customers as far as reducing the amount of work that they have to do when they're outside doing the lawn.

It comes with:

  • Vacuum Tube
  • Bottom Zip Bag
  • Power Insert
  • Concentrator Nozzle
  • Cord Storage


As with most products, you can find the Toro Ultra leaf blower on Amazon for $​, and that's the best price list did so far. Though if you're more of a cornerstone kind of person and you prefer to buy from a brick-and-mortar establishment, Home Depot and Lowe's are the most likely to carry this particular leaf blower.

If they don't have any in their current inventory, you can usually ask a representative about getting one ordered in just for you. Other places that you could try looking would be your local hardware or Lawn Care stores.

How It Compares

There are a few popular Alternatives that come provided and easy to access should you want to do some comparison shopping. The following products are the next best thing that you can purchase if you're looking for something different than the Toro Ultra leaf blower. 

They all contain similar features to the Toro as well as some additional features that you might like as well.

WORX WG505 TRIVAC 12 Amp 3-In-1 Electric Blower/Mulcher/Vacuum
  • [3 MAJOR YARD TOOLS IN ONE] Change functions with just a flip of the switch, no need to...
  • [16:1 MULCH RATIO] The metal impeller chops 16 bags of leaves into one and it’s built to...
  • [ONE-HANDED OPERATION] When in blower and vacuum modes, you only need one hand to handle...

Quick Specs:

Ease of Use: 5 / 5

​Assembly Time: 5 / 5

​Build Quality: 4 / 5

​Warranty: 5 / 5

​The Worx Trivac all-in-one design blower works as a leaf blower, a yard vacuum, and a mulcher and all you have to do is flip a single switch to utilizing any of these three features. 

Unlike the Toro Ultra leaf blower, you don't have to worry about any special attachments while you're in the middle of a job on your yard, and instead, you just flipped the appropriate switch, and then you continued without needing to pause.

This model has a powerful 12 amp motor that allows you to operate it with efficiency without any strange smells or gas smoke coming out of your device. It's also small enough to work with just a single hand and has an angled nose that allows you to have I'm more comfortable handling time than on more substantial, gas-powered models.

The Worx leaf blower also features a metal impeller which has enough power to convert 100 gallons of dry leaves into a ten-gallon collector bag without any issues. The Worx leaf blower also comes with a three-year limited warranty provided that you follow their warranty recommendations, you’ll have a robust safeguard in case your device does fail.

BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower, Leaf Vacuum, Mulcher (BEBL7000)
  • Easy-to-Wear Backpack with up to 2X Bag Capacity
  • POWERBOOST button for increased power on demand
  • Zipper-free bag with wide opening for quick emptying

Quick Specs:

Ease of Use: 5 / 5

Assembly Time: 5 / 5

Build Quality: 4 / 5

Warranty: 5 / 5

Black & Decker is a brand that we're all familiar with, and it's no surprise that they've created their leaf blower that can directly compete with the Toro Ultra leaf blower. The Black & Decker leaf blower comes with an easy to wear a backpack that provides up to two times of the bag capacity of a standard leaf blower combination device.

The Black & Decker also comes with a zipper-free bag on the back end of the backpack that gives you a zipper-free wide opening so that you could quickly empty the contents of what you mulch up. 

Additionally, you'll be able to utilize up to 250 miles per hour air capacity with a 400 CFM overall average performance for both the blower side of the device and the vacuum side of the invention. As with any functional leaf blower unit, all of the bags are reusable and easy to operate so that you're not stuck fiddling with it for too long. 

Just like the Toro Ultra leaf blower, this device runs off of electricity, and you will need to be mindful of the cords while you're working. Unlike the works leaf blower, you will have to utilize an attachment to switch between the blower mode and the vacuum mode.

No products found.

No products found.

Ease of Use: 5 / 5

Assembly Time: 5 / 5

Build Quality: 4 / 5

Warranty: 5 / 5

This model is the most expensive one on our list, and it's also the only one that comes as a gas-operated unit. The Husqvarna ​952711925 125B Handheld Blower provides high are volume and velocity up to 470 CFM’s at 170 miles per hour.

You'll get a ratio of 16 to 1 in mulching power Which is higher rated than the Worx leaf blower listed above. Instead of a metal impeller located on the inside of the device, the Husqvarna has mulching knives that breakdown the leaf litter into smaller sizes to maximize the bag capacity.

The machine features a Smart Start feature that allows you to start the engine quickly without putting in a lot of effort. This feature is an excellent upgrade from the pulley system which would typically take a reasonable effort to get it going.  

This leaf blower also features a cruise control which gives you a variable speed throttle that can be set for easier handling and provide you with and more effective yard clean-up.

Pros and Cons


  • Gives enhanced flexibility thanks to the variable speed control
  • Noise levels aren't too bad for a leaf blower.
  • Blows the air up to 250 miles per hour which means you can take on heavier objects.
  • It has a vacuum capability as well as a blower.


  • Does not do as well with leaves that are on wet grass.
  • It has a sensitive power switch which could cause frustration while in the middle of your leaf job.

As you can see the Toro 55169 leaf blower provides a right amount of benefits for someone who's looking for a powerful little leaf blower to take care of a big job. The engine in this device is extremely powerful, and it does well to take care of all forms of leaf litter while in the middle of working the job. 

Thanks to its size it gives you a more relaxed opportunity to do yard work without tiring as natural because it's not exactly heavy, and because of its size it's easy to store away when you're done using it.

It does have some cons as well, namely near the power switch which many people have come to realize is pretty sensitive, and there's always a risk of that you accidentally turn it off even when the device is low on power. 

While it does have a large variety of speed control options, the higher settings are so secure that people who are not used to high powered Machinery may have difficulty controlling the device and where the leaves are supposed to blow.

Another thing that some customers do not like about this product is the fact that it is small and that has a tendency to create difficulties for individuals who get used to operating larger and heavier machinery as far as leaf blowers are concerned.

Final Thoughts

Red Toro 51619 Ultra Electric Blower

​Image via Amazon

Given the fact that it is an electric blower and it still manages to keep up with the competition, they would like to rate the Toro Ultra leaf blower at four out of five stars. 

The leaf blower itself is pretty powerful, managing 350 CPM at just $​ versus its direct competitor in price, The Black & Decker, which only has a 12 amp motor and limited features and comparison.

You're getting a good value out of the price that you pay for this little leaf blower, and we're confident that if you decide to purchase one for your yard maintenance, you won't be disappointed by the results.

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