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The Best 4 Stihl Backpack Blowers to Consider

Backpack blowers, who needs them? Aren’t they just to blow some leaves off your driveway every now and then. You might be surprised at just how useful one can be. Ever notice how your neighbor’s lawn is always pristine in all four seasons? He probably owns a Stihl backpack blower of some type.

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From blowing off the leaves after a windstorm in the fall to blowing away powdery snow off the front steps, blowers have many practical uses. You can even blow off your entire back porch with it, instead of picking up that broom. The least powerful backpack blower offered in our list will knock your socks off. Stihl offers a variety of them for lawn care and other needs. Also available are professional grade blowers for long term daily, industrial, and business use.

Leaf blowers are a handy tool to have around the house. They can do the job quickly and, some of them, even quietly. This way, you know you will not annoy any of your neighbors. Fortunately, all Stihl models have plenty of useful options and features.

In this article, you will find a description of four Stihl backpack blowers, and the differences among them. This information will help you decide which one is right for you and your situation. The list below will first describe a blower for a homeowner or enthusiast. The following three units discuss professional grade blowers. Although, an enthusiast or typical homeowner can also find professional grade blowers fun and practical. Who doesn’t like to have more power?

Top 4 Stihl Backpack Blower Choices to Consider

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1. BR 200- Stihl Backpack Blower

First, we will look at the BR 200. This blower is lightweight, runs on gasoline and was built especially for the weekend warrior. With a weight of only 12.6 pounds, a 1.07 bhp engine, a 35.5-ounce fuel tank, and a monstrous 150 mph maximum air velocity, this will handle any weekend job you can throw at it. Actually, this model is just one step down from its professional grade brothers discussed below. This is the only Stihl backpack blower offered in the homeowner arena of products, and it comes with an adjustable support harness. This little beauty demonstrates that small is sometimes better.

If you need, or just want, more power, take a look at these professional grade blowers.

2. BR 700- Stihl Backpack Blower

Coming in as the most powerful backpack blower offered is the BR 700. The weight is 23.4 pounds, but with Stihl’s ergonomic design you will hardly notice a few extra pounds. With a huge 3.8 bhp engine, this gas powered blower is a beast with a blowing force of 35 Newtons. With a fuel capacity of 47.3 ounces, don’t expect to get a break anytime soon while outside working. Other features include adjustable support harness, a multi-function control handle, and an anti-vibration system.

3. BR 500- Stihl Backpack Blower

Right on the heels of the BR 700, you will find the BR 500. This middle of the range professional grade Stihl backpack blower offers a 2.7 bhp engine, a weight of 22.3 pounds, and a fuel capacity of 47.3 ounces. The 500 has a huge maximum air velocity of 207 mph. This model is the only one of the three to offer a low-noise sound dampener. With a reduced emissions engine, a multi-function control handle, and an adjustable support harness, the 500 is a sweet compromise. This model is compatible with the Stihl hip belt, giving you even more balance and support.

4. BR 350-Stihl Backpack Blower

Stihl’s BR 350 brings up the rear in the professional grade category. An engine power of 2.8 bhp and a weight of only 22 pounds make this blower a very strong contender. It will hold an astounding 57.5 ounces of fuel and has a maximum airflow velocity of 201 mph. As with the other two mentioned in this section, the BR 350 is made in the USA but does not offer an adjustable support harness.

Which Backpack Blower Should You Choose?

First of all, kudos to you if you have decided to get a backpack blower. The ergonomic design alone makes a backpack style beat out a handheld in every situation. It is designed to distribute all the weight evenly across your shoulders and back, helping avoid injuries and fatigue from use. The control handles are also ergonomic and allow your arm and hand to be in a natural position while you work.

Your reasoning to purchase a blower will help you choose which one to get. Is it strictly for occasionally blowing leaves off of your lawn five times a year? Or do you own a business and require a heavy duty blower? The property size, blower features, noise levels, and the type of material you plan on working with all will help in determining the blower for you; as well as the weight of the machine, the gas tank limit, the different accessories available on certain models.

In conclusion, we find that there are many choices when it comes to a Stihl backpack blower. The four described above give you a good overall comparison of what Stihl has to offer. From the lightest weight to the most powerful. If you notice, all four models use gasoline for limitless applications, no cords to worry about or rechargeable batteries to worry about recharging all the time. To get one of these machines, visit your local hardware store. The big box hardware stores usually do not get to carry these USA built products; you will have to find another source. It isn’t hard to find them either because everyone knows the superb quality behind the name.

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