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Replacing Leaf Blower Parts – A Complete Guide

Leaf blowers are a handy piece of equipment for lawn care cleanup. There are basic blower only models, plus those that convert to a vacuum using a couple of simple attachments. Leaf blower parts include vital internal components. There are also leaf blower parts that need periodically replaced as part of good maintenance.

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Replacing Leaf Blower Parts

There are a number of parts in a leaf blower that can be replaced without much difficulty. Many of them endure hours of use if you follow sound maintenance practices with all your lawn care equipment. Periodic maintenance will keep most of the parts in good working condition.

However, in spite of all your dutiful efforts, sometimes parts will need replacing. The first part of this discussion will list and describe some basic replaceable parts on your leaf blower, followed by a list of entities where you can purchase these parts.

What Are the Parts of a Leaf Blower?

There are three basic categories of leaf blower parts: attachments, functioning parts like fan blades and maintenance parts. Attachments are replaceable when they wear out or break. Internal parts, like fans, carburetors, valves and switches, need replacing when they wear out or break. Maintenance type components such, as the air filter and spark plugs, require scheduled replacement as part of ongoing maintenance.

#1. Attachments

#2.Standard leaf blower parts include all the accessories and additional things you can add to your blower. After hours of use, some attachments wear out or break from normal use. These parts can be ordered directly from the manufacturer, or from lawn equipment parts suppliers.

#2. Internal Parts

Most internal parts on your leaf blower are also replaceable. Some wear out over time, while others may break. Carburetors and the fuel lines are the most common internal parts that go bad. Primer buttons also can become brittle over time and no longer function properly. Fan blades, especially those on blower/vac combination units, will wear down from hours of use.

  • Fuel Line – One item in your leaf blower’s fuel system that frequently goes bad is the fuel line itself.
  • Fuel Filter – Another easily replaceable part is the fuel filter. When a leaf blower doesn’t start, sometimes it is because of a clogged fuel filter. Worn fuel filters also reduce the viable lifespan of the fuel line and carburetor. Fuel filters usually cost less than $2, easily replaced in about 15 minutes, requiring nothing more than a pair of needle nose pliers.
  • Carburetor – If you have failed to keep the fuel line and fuel filter in good working condition, the carburetor will eventually fail. While it is a replaceable part, carburetor replacement takes a little more time and skill than other replaceable leaf blower parts.

More expensive leaf blowers cost over $100, but a new carburetor usually costs under $30. Replacement time averages about an hour and can be accomplished with only an average mechanical skill level. It is the most difficult fuel associated part to replace, so keeping up with the other parts is critical to carburetor longevity.

  • Primer Bulb – One of the most common internal leaf blower parts to fail is the primer bulb. They are flexible plastic bulbs that must be airtight to function correctly.

They do not work properly when they become dry and brittle. The problem is because of small cracks in the bubble that let air escape. Primer bulbs average around $3 and take around 20 minutes to replace.

#3. Maintenance Parts

These are parts need to be replaced regularly. Number one on the list is the spark plug. Just about every part previously mentioned, will be compromised by a bad spark plug. Spark plugs normally cost less than $4 and are about a 10-minute job to change out.

One part of leaf blower maintenance that is commonly overlooked is the air filter. Clean it regularly, inspect it for being dry and brittle, and spend the couple of bucks it costs to buy a new one. Both the condition of the spark plug and air filter control how long the previous internal parts last.

You should also be attentive to using only 89-octane grade fuel. Cheap fuel compromises fuel lines and fuel filters, plus it will ultimately gum up the carburetor. A few more cents per gallon will save you a lot on leaf blower maintenance in the end.

Ordering Leaf Blower Parts

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Always keep the manuals and manufacturer’s parts list to review, in case you need to order any replacement parts. Write the model number on the outside of your booklet, if the manual covers multiple models. As you order any new leaf blower parts, write down the part number and the date you replaced it. This will give you an ongoing log to help analyze future problems.

There are other reputable online leaf blower parts distributors, including eBay vendors. If you choose to order from a source other than the manufacturer, be certain to double-check all orders. Make sure the model and serial numbers are accurate before you order any parts.

If the vendor ships the wrong part by accident, they will usually exchange and reship at their cost. In case you make a mistake and order the wrong part, shipping responsibilities will be yours. Here are two excellent parts providers that have a stock of most replacement parts for your leaf blower.

  • – Repair Clinic has just about any of the maintenance type replacement parts you will need for your leaf blower. The website is user-friendly, with options to break down your parts search by brand, model, and part type.

They also rate each replacement job using a small wrench icon to indicate their assessment of how difficult the job will be. Most of the basic replacement jobs are rated with 1-wrench, which means they are quite simple. They also dedicate a separate page with helpful tips and suggestions for repairing leaf blowers and other pieces of lawn care equipment.

  • – Tool Parts Direct is another online provider where you can find just about any replacement part, for about any brand of lawn care equipment. They stock and ship parts for all major leaf blower manufacturers.

Their website is organized by type of equipment, then the brand of equipment, then finally to each of the individual leaf blower parts. Each brand and model have an excellent schematic of every internal part on the equipment they have parts in stock.

Replacing Leaf Blower Parts Yourself

While internal parts are somewhat more involved to replace if you follow the directions you can save yourself a lot of money in repair shop labor. The first thing you need to consider is your level of knowledge and degree of mechanical aptitude. Here some simple tips on how you can successfully replace many leaf blower parts yourself.

#1. Preparation

One priority suggestion is to take your time and take notes. You can also use a camera phone to take quick pictures of each stage of your process. These are nice to keep in case you ever have to do the job again. Make sure you have a clear open workspace like a workbench.

#2. Taking Safety Measures

Take a large white towel, or piece of bed sheet and spread it out flat. Working on top of a white towel helps prevent the blower from slipping, and if any parts fall, the will not roll around, plus will be easy to find.

#3. Don’t Get Overwhelmed

Take your time and be patient. If you kept everything in a step-by-step progression, taking some notes to help you along if you’re not mechanically experienced, you can easily box up the job and take it to a lawn care maintenance specialist to fix any mistakes.

If you’ve lost parts, or lost your patience and broken something, you only make the job harder and more costly. Be patient and take your time. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to replace leaf blower parts.

#4. Remember the Model Number

When replacing attachments be sure to include the model number of your leaf blower and the part number you need. Internal parts and maintenance items also need to have the correct model number.

Let’s Recap

You must follow all the above tips and steps if you want to learn how to replace your leaf blower parts. Check your owner’s manual and parts list, and then compare the prices to either of these excellent online providers of leaf blower parts. Set up an organized workspace and be patient, especially if it’s your first attempt at leaf blower maintenance. Before you know it, you’ll be able to keep your machine in tip-top working condition.

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