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The RedMax Blower EBZ8500 Review

The RedMax EBZ8500 is a powerful commercial leaf blower with the air capacity and speed to take care of difficult jobs in less time. Commercial landscape professionals and dedicated home lawn care experts will find the RedMax blower EBZ8500 to be a valuable addition to their equipment.

With a 4.4 horsepower engine and cooled back pad, the EBZ8500 combines power, performance, and operator comfort, enabling you and your employees to work longer and more efficiently. With such a powerful and efficient setup, it is difficult to find a job this blower can’t handle.

Top Features of the RedMax Blower EBZ8500

1: Efficient Engine

The 4.4 horsepower strato-charged 2-stroke engine combines power with fuel efficiency and reliability.

2: Enough Power for Any Job

With a 908 cfm (cubic feet per minute) airflow and 206 mph airspeed, the EBZ8500 can quickly and easily clear any area.

3: Operator Comfort

Operators can work longer with fewer problems and stay cooler on hot days. The blower only weighs 23.4 pounds, making it easier to carry for long periods of time.

4: Price and Availability

This blower is available from local authorized dealers. Most authorized dealers will ask customers to call for pricing. Some dealers will ship the product directly to the consumer while others require the customer to pick up the blower locally.

Pros of the RedMax Blower EBZ8500

1: Lower Maintenance Engine

The gasoline engine has a FreshFlow 2-way air cleaner to protect it from dust and preserve the blower’s engine over time. With no catalytic converter, the engine requires less frequent maintenance than others in its class. It also runs quieter than engines with a catalytic converter.

Two-stroke engines have an advantage over four-stroke engines in that they are easier to maintain and have fewer parts. Two-stroke engines are also much lighter weight and easier for the user to handle. These engines require a mixture of oil and gas.

2: 908 cfm (Cubic Feet per Minute) and 206 mph Airspeed

The RedMax Blower EBZ8500 has some of the highest air flow and air speed available in a commercial backpack blower, creating an intense blowing action that can take care of any job, big or small. The blower is powerful enough to use for leaves, lawn debris, and dry snow. The overall blowing power of this machine is a huge advantage and makes it much quicker and easier to complete jobs.

RedMax leaf blowers are rated among their competitors as having the strongest power.

3: Cooled Back Pad, Contoured Padded Back, and Straps for Comfort

The RedMax Blower EBZ8500 is very comfortable to use considering its size and weight. One unique feature of this blower is that it uses cool air taken in by the fan housing to let operators work in comfort. This is a major advantage for summer use. The back is contoured and the straps are wide and padded. The straps are adjustable to fit operators of most sizes.

4: Hip Mounted Throttle for Ease of Use

The EBZ8500 has a hip mounted throttle on the tube that comes either on the left or on the right. The hip mounting makes the blower more convenient for the operator to control without awkward reaching.

Cons of the RedMax Blower EBZ8500

1: Some Quality Issues

Some reviewers note that bolts have sheared off and damaged the engine. This seems to be an isolated problem, and most users report excellent quality and customer service from RedMax.

2: Relatively Small Fuel Tank

The smaller fuel tank means more stops to refuel the blower. This is a slight inconvenience since the blower clears any area much more quickly than its competitors.

3: Less Fuel Efficiency Than Other Models in Its Class

When compared to other commercial backpack leaf blowers, the EBZ8500 has slightly lower fuel efficiency, but the intense power and speed of the engine make up for it.

4: Slightly Higher Priced

You get what you pay for, and the feature set of the EBZ8500 is worth the extra initial expense.

Is the RedMax Blower EBZ8500 Worth Buying?


The EBZ8500 will let you or your business complete more jobs in a shorter amount of time and will pay for itself quickly with your increased efficiency. The advanced engine is reliable and powerful, able to take care of any lawn job with ease.


The EBZ8500 is easier to maintain than some other models in its class and goes in for service less frequently. Though the blower is a little more expensive than some competitors, your business’s increased efficiency will make it pay for itself in short order.

Heavy Duty Purposes

This blower is not only for commercial use: home users with large, heavily wooded lots may want to invest in a commercial quality machine like the EBZ8500 so they can spend more time enjoying their property and less time maintaining it. Overall, the EBZ8500 is a valuable machine for home and commercial landscapers.

Comfort and Convenience

The RedMax Blower EBZ8500 has special comfort features that make it possible to work harder on hotter days when your lawn care business is especially busy. This makes it more attractive to your employees to use. They will appreciate that the blower only weighs 23.4 pounds and that it makes their jobs quicker and easier to complete.

Possible Drawback

While commercial blowers have certainly increased in fuel efficiency and lowered emissions in recent years, the RedMax Blower EBZ8500 has slightly less fuel efficiency than others. However, the increased power of this blower makes it worthwhile for any landscaping company or home enthusiast to own.


The RedMax Blower EBZ8500 is a high quality, efficient, powerful machine that can power your business to greater efficiency. It is a bit more expensive than others in its class, but its quality and power justify the higher price.

The advanced engine and special comfort features will enable you or your employees to clear leaves and lawn debris quickly than lower powered models on the market. This will make your company more profitable and your customers happier with your work.

While the blower does have a few issues including fuel efficiency, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. Try this blower for yourself and experience its massive power and speed.

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