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Poulan Pro Blower BVM200FE Review

Handheld blowers are useful tools to have around your home. They can be used to blow off driveways, walkways, leaves from the lawn, or roofs. Picking the right blower for your needs may be as simple as testing out the Poulan Pro Blower BVM200FE. Here is a review of this Poulan model.

a black and yellow Poulan pro blower bvm200fe model

Top Features of the Poulan Pro Blower BVM200FE

There are a number of useful features, which set this Poulan Blower model apart from other blower models. Here’s a list of some important features of the Poulan Pro Blower BVM200FE, including the advantages and disadvantages of this model.

#1. 10 to 1 Mulch Reduction

When you’re sucking up leaves and small branches you want to grind them up as finely as possible. The Poulan Pro employs a 10 to 1 reduction ratio for the mulching feature. This chops the leaves and small debris into a fine mulch that’s great for gardens, flowerbeds, or as an accent border.

#2. 200 mph Air Power

The Poulan Pro Blower BVM200FE has one of the highest air velocity ratings of comparably sized blowers. It is capable of producing an air force of 430 cubic feet per minute, so it easily moves more than just lightweight leaves and dust.

a yellow Poulan leaf blower with all its parts

#3. Lightweight

The Poulan Pro weighs less than 15 pounds, less than a couple gallons of water. This means the Poulan Pro Blower BVM200FE is easy to handle and long projects won’t wear you out.

#4. Trigger Speed Control

Sometimes you will want and need all the air power you can get. Other times you will want to have control over the force of air. The Poulan Pro Blower BVM200FE has fingertip trigger speed control, which allows you to adjust the speed to perfectly fit the job you’re trying to finish.

#5. Detachable End Nozzle

A shoot attachment is part of the standard package. The end nozzle can be added to the end in a snap, which gives precise air control to focus the air in tighter working conditions.

#6. Vacuum Kit

This Poulan blower model is a 3 in 1 system. The package includes the standard blower tube, detachable nozzle, plus vacuum tube and shoulder harness bag for projects where you don’t want to just blow the area clean.

The fan is a heavy-duty, bladed wheel that disintegrates leaves and small yard debris with ease. This mulching system chops yard waste down to 1/10th the original size, giving you conveniently bagged mulch for landscaping.

a man holding a Poulan leaf blower

Pros of the Poulan Pro Blower BVM200FE Model

There are a number of positives, which make this an excellent choice to add to your lawn and property care tools. Many of the features mentioned previously are why the Poulan Pro has so many advantages, but only a couple disadvantages.

1: Easy to Handle

Since it weighs less than 15 pounds, using the blower for long periods won’t wear out your arm. The handle itself is ergonomically designed to be gentle to your hand and wrist.

2: Quiet Operation

The Poulan Pro Blower BVM200FE is one of the quietest 3 in 1 blower models available. With a noise rating of 69 dBa, it won’t leave your head humming after you’ve finished a long project.

3: Quick Disassembly

There are two bolts using simple wing nuts, which clamp the tube in place. This means you can disassemble the blower shoot without any tools. This is great if you want to store your blower and attachments in a small space.

4: Easy Access Fuel Tank

Some blower models situate the fuel tank in odd places. There are situations where you have to actually turn the blower on its side to refuel. The Poulan Pro Blower BVM200FE designers correct that problem with a rearward facing fuel tank that is easy to fill, with the blower sitting in the upright position.

5: Poulan Specially Blended 2-Stroke Oil

Unlike many lawn care equipment suppliers, Poulan starts you out with one convenient bottle to get you started. You can order additional fuel additive bottles directly from Poulan. This means you’ll always know your mix ratio is perfectly blended to get the best performance out of your blower.

6: Simple to Maintain

The Poulan Pro 3 in 1 Blower/Vac is easy to keep in top running condition. The cooling system, air filter, and spark plug are easily accessible so you can follow the manufacturer recommendations for maintenance of the cooling system, cleaning the air filter and changing out the spark plug.

a Poulan leaf blower engine and detachable parts

Cons of the Poulan Pro Blower BVM200FE Model

The positive aspects of the Poulan Pro Blower BVM200FE far outweigh the disadvantages. However, since it is a 2-stroke 25cc engine, you need to use the 40 to 1 gas to 2-stroke oil mixture. You’ll need a designated gas can just for your blower mixture, but this is the same ratio required for all 2-stroke engines like weed eaters, or gas hedge trimmers.

Poulan owners also mention that the spark plug life of the Poulan Pro is shorter than normal. This is probably due to efficiently forcing a high volume of air. Since the plug is easy to swap out, this is a very simple problem to address.

The Bottom Line of the Poulan Pro Blower BVM200FE

The Poulan Pro Blower BVM200FE supplies you with a powerful performance in the palm of your hand. It offers simplicity, with the versatility of a 3 in 1 attachment package. This makes this affordable Poulan blower a cost effective way to manage an assortment of jobs. For around $100, you get the trusted name of Poulan in a blower/vacuum, which has enough power to take care of your property cleanup projects for years.

If you’re looking to purchase a new blower, the Poulan Pro Blower BVM200FE is a great option. It’s both versatile and affordable. You can find the Poulan Pro Blower BVM200FE in most hardware stores, plus for sale online.

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