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Poulan Pro 48cc Backpack Blower Review

Packed with a 48 cc two-stroke engine, the Poulan Pro uses gas to blow leaves around the yard at remarkably high air speeds that reach up to 200 mph. This means you shouldn’t have any trouble with managing the big yard jobs, and the 475 CFM only makes it easier for the tough tasks like handling the wet and heavy leaves. However, a forewarning is in order for the way it holds enough power to make this a regular chore. You also have a soft-grip handle to make maneuvering with this product easier, and the shoulder straps contour to your body for the maximum level of comfort. This Poulan Pro 48cc review will look at all the reasons you either should or shouldn’t buy this leaf blower.

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In terms of features, you get a leaf blower that is fairly lightweight and easy to lug around the yard. The load-reducing harness helps to make this leaf blower feel more comfortable as you’re using it.

The ultimate goal behind this becomes about minimal fatigue, stress, and strain for people of any size. A lot of people use this leaf blower to clean year round. For a homeowner, it becomes the perfect choice because it can even manage the heavy-duty jobs.

When using this product, you should also use regular unleaded gas because this is a two-stroke engine, and you will need to mix a 50:1 gas ratio. You want to mix this correctly so that you don’t cause engine failure.

This leaf blower includes an angled nozzle point that naturally faces downward to lower the effort needed to maneuver it around the yard. This Poulan Pro 48cc review looked at the features and found:

  • Cruise control.
  • Variable speed throttle control.
  • Heavy-duty frame for the best control.
  • 200 mph and 475 CFM.
  • Clears hickory nuts, piles of manure, and small stones.

Poulan Pro 48cc Review: Advantages

This leaf blower backpack starts easily, and it packs enough power to push around every type of leaf and debris in the yard. It works well and gets the job done as needed. Unfortunately, some other backpack leaf blowers come with a weight that can be ridiculously tiresome to haul around. With the Poulan pro, however, you don’t have to worry about it being heavier than necessary. It only weighs 22 pounds, and you don’t even notice it much when mounted on your back.

Another plus with this product is how it’s fairly easy to operate. You don’t have to think thinks through to figure it out because it’s fairly intuitive. If you want to start it, push the yellow trigger. The performance is also stellar with an ease in pushing the leaves around the yard and keeping your property clean and free of leaves.

You feel comfortable as you use it, and you can walk around while using it with relative ease. All the other backpack leaf blowers were over $300 in comparison. The market state makes this one well-priced for the budget-conscious homeowner who wants a product that doesn’t force them to use the rake.

  • Starts easily.
  • Simple controls.
  • Intuitive controls.
  • Cost-effective solution.

Poulan Pro 48cc Backpack Blower Review: Disadvantages

This product does not have a gutter attachment, so if you planned to use it to clean out your gutters, you might want to choose another option. In fact, you don’t get any attachments.

Probably the biggest con of this leaf blower is how it doesn’t hold enough power to handle a bunch of wet leaves. If you’re dealing with tons of wet leaves, you may want something more powerful.

A handful of customers were disappointed in the level of power this leaf blower threw out because they were expecting something a little more for a gas leaf blower. Unfortunately, it didn’t deliver. However, as long as you didn’t buy this leaf blower for the power, you should feel happy with your purchase because this Poulan Pro 48cc review has looked at some of the other options, and it costs much less than some of the other choices.


Amazon – $199
Menards – $169.99

Poulan Pro 48cc Backpack Blower Review: What to Keep in Mind

Walking around with this leaf blower is fairly simple. It arrived in good condition and was packed well as a great machine. You can expect this backpack leaf blower to get the simple jobs done.

However, as stated before, if you live in an area with a lot of rain, you may not find this leaf blower as useful because it lacks the power to perform well under these circumstances. If you use it for the right purposes, however, you may find that it’s a cost-effective solution. With that in mind, this Poulan Pro 48cc review covers all the necessities.


Overall, this is far from being a bad choice. We do, however, think that you should know what you’re getting yourself into before you buy it. If you’re expecting a lot of power, then you might be better off buying a different leaf blower.

Turning this one to the right purpose, you can get a cheaper yard solution that still accomplishes the job. Have you had any experiences with this product? If so, we invite you to leave a comment below. We’d love to hear your Poulan Pro 48cc review to see how this product worked for others.

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