Husqvarna 360BT Backpack Blower Review - Best Backpack Blower Guide

Husqvarna 360BT Backpack Blower Review

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Sometimes you need a commercial-grade machine to get the job done. If something is built to withstand continuous daily and weekly use, then it’s tough and reliable enough to be used in your home. While all Husqvarna leaf blower models have great quality, the 360BT backpack blower is a top-of-the-line investment. It’s designed for quick and efficient work. If you have a large farm or yard, or just a long driveway, this heavy-duty piece of equipment can stand the test of time.

Husqvarna Leaf Blower - Pros and Cons

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The Husqvarna 360BT represents high-quality features at a mid-range price. It’s more powerful than smaller models, like the 350BT, 560BFS, 580BTS  or other competitors’ backpacks . For its size, it has great fuel efficiency and durability.



  • Fuel Efficient
  • More Powerful
  • Handle is Adjustable
  • check
    2 Years Warranty
  • Quite Loud
  • Bit Expensive





What Is a Backpack Leaf Blower?

There are many different styles of leaf blowers, but one of the more popular varieties is the backpack leaf blower. These high-powered machines have the best combination of portability and efficiency. Most backpack blowers are designed to be used both commercially and at your home. With only a few steps to maintain, they are an easy-to-use and sturdy addition to your lawn care arsenal. Backpack leaf blowers use a gas-powered engine to force air at high speeds through a tube. The throttle controls the speed of the air flow. These engines use a mixture of oil and gas.

Why Do I Need a Leaf Blower?

Backpack leaf blowers are commercially rated, so they are essential tools for any landscaping or lawn care company. If you are just starting out, it’s an excellent investment for your small business. As a homeowner, your large yard will look far more maintained, and be more available for use, if it is clear of leaves. If you’ve ever tried to rake an entire yard of leaves, you know the amount of time you could save by using a high-powered leaf blower. While it is a large investment, the time you will save will easily pay itself off.

What's The Use of Leaf Blower?

Leaf blowers can be used for more than just blowing leaves. Many customers also use these powerful machines to remove cut grass from their yard. It can also be used to blow away snow. While you might not have success in the middle of a snow storm, it is convenient for a light blanket of snow, particularly on your driveway. Farmers find it convenient to use these machines to clean their farm equipment. The high-powered fan can easily blow dust and debris out of your tractor, combine or lawnmower. Some machines are too specialized to be worth their price. Leaf blowers, however, can be used a variety of purposes around your yard.

Husqvarna 360BT Specifications

  • Air flow: 631 cfm
  • Air speed: 232 mph
  • Displacement: 65.6 cm³
  • Air Purge technology
  • Weight: 23.2 lbs
  • Warranty: 2 years
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Other Leaf Blowers

To compare backpack leaf blowers, you should also look at some other types of leaf blowers currently on the market. Several types exist, but here are three basic alternatives to a backpack leaf blower. This guide will only review and compare similar backpack blowers, but a short description of these other leaf blowers can help you determine whether a backpack leaf blower is right for you. Consider not only the size of your yard, but also the amount of leaves. Do you get just a small covering of leaves once a year, or is it an ongoing battle to keep your yard clear? Some properties have very little leaf coverage, and so it may not be necessary to have a powerful leaf blower. You should also consider the amount of time you wish to spend collecting leaves. More expensive leaf blowers are designed to save you time.

Handheld Leaf Blower

One of the most popular options for homeowners, a handheld leaf blower is by far the most inexpensive option. They can use either gas, battery or electric cord to operate. Handheld blowers are much quieter than other types, and are convenient for small garden beds, porches and other small or midsize projects. However, these machines are too small to use on your entire yard, particularly a larger yard. While they weigh less than a backpack blower, holding all the weight with one or two hands can put more of a strain on your arms, hands and back. Consider the additional time it will take when you weigh the pros and cons of this type of leaf blower.

Leaf Blower Vacuum

A popular alternative handheld model, leaf blower vacuums offer two functions. They can be used as a standard handheld leaf blower, or they can be used to vacuum leaves. The vacuum function shreds the leaves into a bag, making it easy to remove them. The bag can be attached to the handheld unit, held by a shoulder strap or held as a backpack. Either way, it can be a very convenient way to remove leaves. If you don’t have a place to blow leaves that is out of the way, or if you aren’t able to rake up large piles of leaves, it’s a good alternative. However, there are disadvantages to this type of leaf blower.

Traditional Handheld Blower

First, it costs considerably more than a traditional handheld leaf blower. Second, the vacuum function works well with small piles, but struggles to remove large quantities of leaves from your yard. If you want an easier way to clean up small areas of your yard, this is a great choice. Otherwise, it may not be as effective as a larger, more efficient machine.

Walk-Behind Leaf Blower

If you own a commercial operation, or an extensive yard with lots of leaves, even a backpack leaf blower may not have the power you need. In that case, a walk behind leaf blower is a good option for you. These machines look like walk behind lawn mowers, and work in a similar way. They are convenient to push, extremely effective and are capable of clearing large yards easily. It’s great if you don’t want the pressure of a 20 pound backpack, especially if you are working for several hours at a time. However, these commercial-grade blowers are quite expensive. Premium models run as high as $1,200. They also may not be suited for midsize or small yards.

Backpack Blower Maintenance

Be sure to never use pure gasoline with your backpack leaf blower, as it could damage or permanently harm it. Most companies, including Husqvarna, sell oil specifically designed for their motors. Simply add the bottle to gasoline. Usually one bottle will mix correctly with one gallon of 89-octane fuel. Check the air filter often, as it can become clogged or worn. Otherwise, there is little to do to maintain a backpack leaf blower. Of course, always check the owner’s manual of your specific model.


As a high-end backpack leaf blower, the Husqvarna 360BT is an affordable unit. Most competitors in this category are $499 or higher. When looking at all backpack leaf blowers, these units are slightly expensive. You can get a great quality, less powerful backpack leaf blower for $300. When looking at the broader picture, backpack leaf blowers sit in the middle of the price range. On the high end, you can pay as much as $1,200 for a walk-behind leaf blower. Or, if you are looking for a budget model, some handheld leaf blowers only cost $40. As a mid-priced model, all of the leaf blowers on this list are highly effective and rated excellently.

How It Compares: Husqvarna Leaf Blower

Husqvarna 360BT

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Ease of Use:

Assembly Time:

Build Quality:


Makita EB7650WH 75.6 cc

sun mountain golf bags.

Ease of Use:

Assembly Time:

Build Quality:


Conclusion: Husqvarna Leaf Blower

For its power, affordability and portability, the Husqvarna 360BT receives 4.6 out of 5 stars. It’s an excellent commercial machine, and can be a good addition to any farm or home with a large yard. If you are looking for a machine with professional quality features and a portable way to remove lots of leaves and debris, this is a must-have.

Otherwise, you may want to consider some smaller backpack models, or a larger walk-behind unit. The Husqvarna 360BT is less expensive than other highly rated models in its category, and holds up well when compared head-to-head with these brands. It has a good warranty, and is a reliable machine. If you are looking for a Husqvarna leaf blower, this could be the perfect choice.

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