Husqvarna Leaf Blower 560BFS Review 2021: Features, Pros, And Cons

Husqvarna Leaf Blower 560BFS Review: Features, Pros, And Cons

Husqvarna 560BFS Backpack Blower Review

​If leaves are taking over your yard and driveway, you need a high-quality leaf blower. Few outdoor tools are as efficient, effective and multi-purpose. This guide will give you all the information you need to know about owning and operating a Husqvarna leaf blower and shindaiwa backpack blowers.

It’s a great investment, whether you have a large yard with lots of leaves or are a professional landscaper. Take back your yard and enjoy being outdoors this year with an easy-to-use backpack blower and ​small leaf blower.

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This review will compare the Husqvarna 560BFS backpack blower with some of its competitors and look at the pros and cons of each. After comparing each leaf blower, and considering your level of use, choose the perfect model for your home. Even your neighbours who are not fond of a loud leaf blower will love it!

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  • 631 CFM
  • 232 MPH
  • 97 dBA
  • 37 pounds
  • Two-year warranty, four-year warranty if Husqvarna fuel mix is used. The Husqvarna 560BFS is a commercially-rated backpack blower with powerful and comfortable features. It has 631 CFM and top speeds of 232 MPH.

    It’s relatively light and quiet for its size, at only 23.37 pounds and 97 dBA. It uses a commercial air filter to protect the motor from dust and dirt, and the engine is designed for 60 percent fewer exhaust emissions and 20 percent more fuel efficiency than other similar models.

    The straps are padded and adjustable, so the entire weight sits comfortably on your shoulders. The throttle is mounted on the frame, and it’s very easy to use and adjust the air speed. We can say that it is a very reasonably priced machine for its size.


    • This is one of the more powerful backpack leaf blowers on the market and has an impressive air speed and CFM rating. It’s not only fuel-efficient but has a larger fuel tank than other models.
    • It’s an excellent machine for removing large amounts of leaves quickly and effortlessly. This comfortable backpack model has a frame-mounted throttle, which takes some strain off of your left hand with its easy-to-use controls.
    • Compared to its air speed, the noise levels are quite low. Husqvarna is a well-rated brand that has a long line of excellent products.
    • If you choose Husqvarna’s premix oil, you’ll receive a four-year warranty on your backpack blower. 


    • While this blower is reasonably priced for its power, it is quite expensive when compared to other leaf blowers.
    • It’s also heavier and louder than smaller models, so it may not be the most efficient machine if you have a mid-sized or smaller yard. While some customers like the frame-mounted throttle, many prefer using the single-handed 560BTS model.
    • While it may seem quiet for its size, your neighbors may not appreciate the noise levels emitted by this machine.

    Choosing The Right Leaf Blower

    People working with Husqvarna leaf blower

    ​A backpack leaf blower is designed to quickly remove leaves from your lawn and driveway, but there are many other uses for these versatile machines as well.

    A backpack leaf blower is one of several variations of garden blowers, but they all work in a similar way.

    Before reviewing the specifications of the Husqvarna 560BFS, consider these important areas, and determine what qualities you need in your leaf blower. Power isn’t everything, so compare all the features before purchasing.

    Machine Style

    There are three basic styles of leaf blowers on the market. Each one has a range of pros and cons, and they are each designed for slightly different uses. Handheld ​worx cordless leaf blowers are the least powerful and least expensive models.

    These small machines are light enough to hold with one hand but powerful enough to easily clear a patio, porch or small yard.

    They are the most affordable models, so choose a handheld leaf blower if you are on a budget and don’t have a large yard.Backpack leaf blowers are some of the most popular varieties.

     Used by professionals and homeowners alike, these powerful machines are easy-to-use, thanks to their backpack design. They are heavier and louder than handheld machines, but you won’t have as much strain on your arms.

    Backpack blowers are extremely powerful and will clear large piles of leaves from expansive yards. They’re great for all-terrain use, particularly if you have hills, trees or other areas to maneuver around.

    Finally, walk-behind leaf blowers offer the most power on the market. These heavy-duty tools resemble a walk-behind lawn mower but are designed to easily clear leaves from a large, flat yard. They’re mostly used by professionals, as they can be quite expensive.

    Power Source

    Any engine needs a power source, including the engines in leaf blowers. Choose between gasoline, battery-operated, or electric with a cord.

    Corded electric devices are usually the most affordable and generally, are only featured with handheld blowers.

    ​Batteries allow handheld blowers to be more portable, but you may need to switch the rechargeable battery mid-project. 

    Gasoline powered leaf blowers are the most common and can be found in walk-behind, backpack and handheld styles. 

    Most gas-powered blowers use a 2-stroke engine, so you’ll need to mix special oil into your gasoline.

    Thankfully, most leaf blower brands, including Husqvarna, feature oil containers that are pre-measured to mix with the gas before use.

    Gasoline costs more than electric to run but offers far more horsepower and air speed, which is why it is used almost exclusively for backpack and walk-behind blowers.

    Air Speed

    Leaf blowers are compared using several numbers, which mostly describe the speed and effectiveness of the blower. All of these statistics can be confusing, so it’s helpful to take a look at each one to better understand your machine before purchasing.

    CFM, or cubic feet per minute, is one of the most effective ways to determine the power of your ​​toro ​cordless leaf blower. It shows the amount of air that will be forced out of the nozzle every minute.

    CFM, combined with air speed, gives you a complete picture of a leaf blower’s effectiveness.

    Air speed is usually measured in MPH, or miles per hour. You not only want to know the amount of air that is being pushed out of the machine but how fast that air is moving.

    Both numbers together will show you how powerful a leaf blower is.Another important factor is the decibels, or ​​dBA.

     One of the biggest complaints about leaf blowers, particularly from your neighbors, is the sound. 

    Some very powerful leaf blowers are surprisingly quiet, while even smaller leaf blowers can be quite loud.

    With these three numbers, you’ll get an accurate idea of the effectiveness of a leaf blower. Of course, there are other important factors to consider, like weight, fuel usage and cost.

    Why Buy A Backpack Leaf Blower?

    Clearing leaf with Backpack Husqvarna Leaf Blower

    There are lots of reasons to choose a backpack leaf blower. These powerful devices are very efficient and can easily clear even the most leaf-covered yards.

    Their gas-powered engines are designed to be operated all day long, so you won’t have to worry about the size of your yard.

    Backpack leaf blowers work much more efficiently than handheld models and are more cost-effective than walk-behind blowers.

    There are also several unique uses for leaf blowers. A backpack leaf blower is a great tool for clearing light layers of snow off your driveway or vehicles.​

    It won’t work for large snow drifts, but it’s a convenient way to clear the first layer of snow each winter.

    These machines are also great for farmers since the high-powered fans can easily clear dust and debris from farming equipment. 

    These are just some of the unique uses we came up with. You may find even more uses for your leaf blower, making them even more cost effective.

    Husqvarna Leaf Blower 560BFS: Pricing Information

    This leaf blower is a well-rounded machine, with lots of reliable power for any project. For its size and power, the Husqvarna 560BFS is a very cost-effective machine. However, in terms of leaf blowers, these machines are high on the overall price range.

    Inexpensive handheld leaf blowers can cost little, although a good quality handheld is usually on a reasonably costly price. For backpack blowers, expect to pay a couple hundred bucks. If cost is a deal breaker you can choose the smaller models which are affordable than the walk-behind units. 

    With these price ranges in mind, the leaf blowers on this list are mid-priced, but on the high end of backpack leaf blower prices. However, they also have some of the highest power ratings on the market.

    If you plan on heavily using your leaf blower, both for leaves and snow, it can be a very cost-effective machine.

    If you only use a leaf blower once or twice a year, these high-powered machines may not be an affordable or practical option for your home.

    How It Compares

    On the 560BFS, the throttle is controlled with your right hand, while the nozzle is adjusted with your left hand. There are many pros, cons, and ardent fans for both options. Many customers like the 560BTS because it allows them to operate the 4 stroke backpack blower using only one hand.

    The 560BFS, on the other hand, may cause less strain on a single hand, because you won’t have to pull the trigger and aim the nozzle together.  These two machines are otherwise identical, so the choice is mostly a matter of personal opinion and preference.

    Stihl BR 350 Backpack Leaf Blower

    Stihl BR 350 Backpack Leaf Blower

    Another excellent, commercial-grade backpack blower, the Stihl BR 350 sports 436 CFM at air speeds of 201 MPH. This is still a very effective machine, although it is weaker than the Husqvarna 560 series.

    The Stihl leaf blower makes up for its lack of power with a quiet and lightweight design. It only emits 74 dBA and weighs 22 pounds. With only 57.5 ounces of fuel capacity, it is far less than the Husqvarna 560BFS and 560BTS. 

    These two machines have 74.4 ounces of fuel, so they’ll last longer on a single tank. If you’re looking for a more portable, sleek design, and don’t mind trading some power and fuel capacity, the Stihl BR 350 is an excellent choice. It still has a two-year warranty, and Stihl is an equally high-quality and reliable brand.

    ​Now that you’ve seen the specifications of the 560BFS leaf blower, and compared it with other top brands and models, consider weighing the pros and cons of this powerful machine.

    ​Take a look at each one and decide whether it’s the right leaf blower for your outdoor needs.


    For its power and effectiveness, the 560BFS receives 4.5 out of 5 stars. It’s an excellent Husqvarna leaf blower for various uses around your yard or farm. Whether you are a homeowner or a professional lawn care specialist, this backpack blower will be a reliable and versatile machine.

    Decide whether you prefer the 560BFS or 560BTS variations and enjoy the same power and affordability with each one.  You may also consider 570BTS or the 580BTS. Consider the size of your yard and the number of leaves to determine whether this large and expensive machine is the right choice for your situation.

    There are many leaf blower varieties on the market, but few can compare with the 560 BFS Husqvarna leaf blower in terms of power and convenience. Once you find the perfect leaf blower, enjoy a clear, manicured lawn for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

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