Husqvarna 580BTS Gas Backpack Blower Review - Best Backpack Blower Guide

Husqvarna 580BTS Gas Backpack Blower Review

Professional landscapers and owners of large estates have long looked for a backpack leaf blower that will not cause harm to their ears, or those of the neighbors’. Also high on the want list is a gas blower that does not have such intolerable emissions, so one is not overcome with fumes while using it.

One unit that fits both bills is the Husqvarna 580BTS.  This Husqvarna backpack leaf blower is made by one of the oldest companies in the world, and they are well known for having a wide variety of quality products. Being one of the more recent models on the market, this 580BTS model comes with a design with plenty of power. On top of that, it was engineered so that it is not as loud as others on the market.


Features of the Husqvarna Gas Leaf Blower

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The Husqvarna 580BTS features the powerful X-Torq motor. This motor will reduce harmful and obnoxious emissions by up to 60%. It will also help you reduce your fuel costs. This choice is ideal for a professional landscaper as it gets up to 20% better fuel efficiency.

This 580 unit is powered by a 75cc engine that can generate 4.3 horsepower, enough for the toughest jobs.  It is lightweight for a gas Blower, as it merely reaches just over 25 pounds.

This is a 2-cycle engine. Therefore, you will have to use a 50-1 mix of regular gas to 2-cycle oil to get this commercial backpack leaf Blower to run properly.  Nonetheless, if you are faced with a waist-high pile of leaves, this is one tool you need to have in your arsenal of yard equipment. It will carry out the task quickly with a minimum of effort on your part.


The Husqvarna 580BTS model features a fan that is very efficient in design and delivers high flow and air speed. Its capabilities are more than enough to clear the largest of leaf piles and debris. It also has a number of features that make it perfect for those large and time-consuming jobs. An easily adjustable soft grip handle is in place for the comfort of the operator.

Air Cleaning System

Designed for longer life and less maintenance, this gas blower has a state of the art centrifugal air cleaning system. Husqvarna came up with this product to remove larger particles of dust and debris. This ensures that particles cannot reach the air filter. In its turn, this feature cuts down on maintenance costs and makes for a longer lasting engine.

The Husqvarna 580BTS backpack blower also has a two-stage air filtration system. This system makes it possible for it to be used in very dusty conditions, without overheating or malfunctioning like other units are known to do.

Air Purge

Another unique feature of this backpack leaf Blower is the air purge. It works to remove air from the carburetor and the fuel system. As a result, this makes the unit much easier to start. Therefore, it can be used by just about anyone.

The Blower pipes are 4 inches in diameter, large enough to allow a huge blast of air capable of moving even wet leaves. You won’t get tired trying to get this gas blower started.

What Users Think about This Husqvarna 580BTS Model

Most people who have reviewed this product note that it will start every time after just one or two pulls. Jobs that usually take you an hour with an under-powered electric leaf blower, can be done in ¼ of the time with this powerful Husqvarna 580BTS.

A quick look at customer reviews of this gas Blower will show a vast majority of users giving it the highest possible rating, and being completely delighted with it. Of the very few people who did not, they reported they were upset that the registration for the product could only be done online. If that technicality does not bother you, you will not find a more powerful and reliable backpack leaf blower on the market today.

As a comparison, our favorite Husqvarna units are the 560BTS and 350BT. Nonetheless, this 580BTS model certainly has the power to match.

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The Bottom Line

If you are a professional landscaper, this is one tool you do not need to be without. It is proven to be reliable, powerful, and it runs all day and almost never needs maintenance. It is very easy to assemble when it is shipped to you, and easy to use.

This 580BTS unit is much less noisy than its competition on the market today.Professionals will love the fact it is 20% more efficient on gas as well. When filled, you can use this model on full throttle for up to 2 hours before you are forced to refill it.

While it is slightly more expensive than other similar gas-powered, 2-stroke engine leaf Blowers, the extra power and reliability make it more than worth the extra money. With this powerful tool at your disposal, you may never have to use a rake again.

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