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Homelite 26B Blower Review

Homelite 26B Blower

Handheld blowers are a great piece of equipment to add to your home and garden tool supplies. They are useful for clearing away leaves and debris from your yard, driveway, sidewalks, decks, and porches. Using good safety precautions, a blower can be a quick way to sweep a roof clean. And, the Homelite 26B blower makes no exception.

Being a gas leaf blower, the Homelite 26B doesn’t limit you with an extension cord, hence being a more efficient blower. One of the best blowers to meet the basic homeowner’s needs is the Homelite 26B blower (Model # UT26HBV). Here is a review of the features for the Homelite 26B, including pros, cons, and recommendations.

Top Features of the Homelite 26B Blower

The Homelite 26B blower has some excellent and useful features. Here’s a list of those things that you may find important when selecting a blower for your personal needs.

1. Weight

One of the first things most people look for in a new blower is the ability to control the blower. The Homelite 26B is a lightweight, but a sturdy model that weighs less than 10 pounds fully assembled.

2. Power

Homelite has powered the 26B blower with a 26 cc, 2-cycle engine that packs the power to get the job done. Forcing air at up to 150 miles per hour delivers a cubic foot of airflow per minute (CFM) of 400 CFM.

This means your Homelite blower will produce a force that will move leaves with ease, plus blow dirt and other heavier items like feathers. The 26B model also packs enough punch to blow light snow off driveways and sidewalks in a snap.

3. Variable Speed

All this speed and powerful airflow must be harnessed for particular jobs. The Homelite 26B has a variable speed throttle trigger that makes it easy to adjust the airspeed, using fingertip control.

This allows you to corral leaves and dirt, or lighten up the force of air for more delicate jobs; situations where you don’t want to just blow things all over. The variable speed trigger gives you useful air control. In addition, there is a locking air control feature, so you can lock down the throttle for big jobs.

4. 3 in 1 Package

The Homelite 26B model is a combination 3 tools in 1. If you don’t want to simply blow the surface or area clean, you can flip the blower shoot and turn the blower into a vacuum. The convenient bag has a shoulder strap, so you can move around with ease while you clean even tight spaces.

The mulching fan blade also is great for sucking up leaves and turning them into usable mulch. The mulching ratio is 12 to 1, so you turn leaves in finely mulched fragments that are great for layer gardens or adding to your compost pile. The mulching blade is metal, so it slashes through small twigs and sticks like butter.

5. Versatility

There are interchangeable handle attachments to add versatility to your Homelite blower. You use the standard open end for simple jobs or add the narrowing attachment to the end to directly focus the air. This is a great feature for adding some power for moving heavier things like snow.

The end attachment can also be shortened for blowing off things like tabletops or landscaping walls. This eliminates the need to hold the blower over your head if you want to blow things higher than your waist. This feature does not come standard with the largest percentage of blower models.

6. Translucent Fuel Tank

One of the most annoying problems with lesser quality blowers is how hard they are to fill up with gas. The Homelite 26B blower has a convenient translucent fuel tank so you can see exactly how much gas you have in the tank.

That means you won’t have to shut down your work to check the fuel level or worry about overflowing it when you gas up. The tank also holds 14.3 ounces of fuel for an extended running time, so you don’t have to refuel so often.

Pros of the Homelite 26B Blower

The positive aspects of the Homelite 26B far outweigh the limited number of cons.

1. Easy Handling

Of course, the lightness of this blower model makes it easy to handle. If you have a project where you need to hold onto the blower for a long time, you won’t be tired out from trying to control a heavy, cumbersome blower.

2. Low Vibration

Some blowers will leave your arm feeling like it’s still vibrating after you’re finished with the job. The Homelite 26B blower has an anti-vibration handle that prevents your arm from shaking while you work. This helps reduce fatigue also and makes any blowing job more enjoyable.

3. Power & Control

Both the powerful engine that has a powerful force of air behind it and the speed control are definite pros. If only the blower only packed a lot of air power it would work for most jobs, but the variable speed trigger gives you controllability in situations that are more delicate. This combination of force and control is perfect for any job.

4. Versatility

Along with being a blower that packs a lot of power, but is easy to handle, the Homelite 26B blower offers tremendous versatility. Since you can switch ends in a snap, and convert the system to a powerful handheld vacuum in a few simple steps, the Homelite 26B blower is one of the most versatile options available.

Cons of the Homelite 26B Blower

Really the only problem owners of the Homelite 26B blower consider a drawback, is the 2-cycle engine. While this type of engine is critical to make the blower light and easy to handle, mixing the gas in a separate container is a minor inconvenience. However, once you mix a small gallon can, the efficiency of the Homelite 26B blower will help you not blend gas and 2-stroke oil very often.

The Bottom Line on the Homelite 26B blower

Packed with powerful performance and simplistic versatility, this is a cost efficient way to handle a variety of property cleanup jobs. Priced under $100, this inexpensive blower option has enough features and benefits to make it well worth the price. When you’re searching for just the right blower, performance and reliability are essential.

Homelite has combined value with a dependable performance at a very affordable price. If you’re in the market for a new blower or looking for your first one, the Homelite 26B blower is a super choice. It packs a versatile punch, at an affordable price. Many of the home supply chains have this model in stock, or you can find it online at Amazon.

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