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Hitachi Leaf Blower Review & the Best Models of the Brand

Hitachi leaf blowers are some of the best gas-powered leaf blower brands often recommended by experts and used by many people. Some of the reasons why Hitachi leaf blowers are a favorite option for most people are their high engine power, their ergonomic design that makes them easy to carry, and their high air velocity that makes work easy and fast.

a green hitachi leaf blower

This article is a review that outlines the top features of the Hitachi leaf blower brands, their advantages, and their downsides. Besides reviewing the features, we use the article to also examine some Hitachi leaf blowers that might make cleaning an easy and enjoyable task.

The Standard Features of a Hitachi Leaf Blower

#1. Throttle Control

Most Hitachi leaf blowers have the throttle control feature that lets you control the engine power, fuel consumption, and the CFM. The throttle control enables you to increase the CFM of your leaf blower when working on large yards or when you are moving wet leaves and twigs. On the other hand, you can reduce the CFM when cleaning a small yard that has dry leaves and light debris.

#2. High CFM

Hitachi leaf blowers have a higher CFM when compared to most backpack leaf blowers from other manufacturers. A high CFM is a fundamental quality that helps move most debris thereby making your cleaning task simple and quick. Those with a low CFM can hardly move debris making your cleaning job a challenge.

Top 4 Hitachi Leaf Blower Models

1. Hitachi RB65EF Petrol Backpack Blower

a Hitachi RB65EF leaf blower

The Hitachi RB65EF petrol backpack blower features a two-stroke engine that produces low emissions. Therefore, it is friendly to your health and that of the environment. Furthermore, its 30% less fuel efficiency makes it a perfect solution for people who want to replace leaf blowers that consume too much fuel.

This Hitachi leaf blower has a throttle controller that allows you to adjust the leaf blower’s speed according to the nature of your clean up task. Also, the easy to adjust backpack design lets you bear its weight on your back. Its fuel tank holds two liters of petrol, a sufficient amount that helps you clean a large sized yard.

2. Hitachi RB100EF 43.1 cc Petrol Backpack Leaf Blower

a Hitachi RB100EF leaf blower

This Hitachi leaf blower model RB100EF features a 43.1cc engine that produces a power output of 2Kw. This high engine performance makes it a good fit for cleaning both wet and dry leaves and any other lightweight debris.

You can adjust its ergonomically designed handle to the angle that gives you more control while on duty. Its shoulder straps are wide and padded, hence comfortable on your shoulders. This Hitachi leaf blower comes with a two-year warranty.

3. Hitachi’s Tanaka TRB65EF 64.7 CC Backpack Blower

a Hitachi Tanaka leaf blower

If you want to clean a large yard or you want a leaf blower to complete a commercial task, then this Hitachi leaf blower would be a perfect fit for your work. The Tanaka TRB65EF backpack features a 64.7cc engine that releases an air velocity of 547 CFM. This high CFM makes the blower an excellent gardening tool that eliminates small, medium, and cumbersome weight debris from your yard.

Its throttle has a cruise control and an anti-vibration system that controls engine vibration. These two features will safeguard you against health issued like hearing impairment and back pain, which are associated with prolonged exposure to vibrations. The leaf blower also comes with a two-year warranty.

4. Hitachi TBL7800R Backpack Blower

a Hitachi TBL7800R leaf blower

This gas powered Tanaka leaf blower features a two-stroke engine that produces an air velocity of 805 CFM. This high power ranks it as commercial grade leaf blower, which can move most type of debris. Furthermore, the high-performance engine makes this Hitachi leaf blower a good fit for cleaning large stretches of land.

A throttle control, mounted on its side, lets you regulate its speed according to the nature of your work. The only downside with this leaf blower is that it releases more sound than other Hitachi leaf blower models.

Which Hitachi Leaf Blower Should You Choose?

If you are looking for a Hitachi leaf blower to carry out small household chores, then we recommend Hitachi RB65EF Petrol backpack blower. This blower consumes less fuel when compared to leaf blowers from other manufacturers and produces less emission. Other advantages of this leaf blower include the fact that it holds more fuel and it has a throttle controller that lets you regulate its speed according to the intensity of your cleaning task.

If you are looking for a Hitachi leaf blower to complete commercial or large-scale tasks, then the Hitachi TBL7800R Backpack Blower would be a good option. The leaf blower’s 805 CFM will eliminate most types of debris at ease. It also has a throttle control to help you control its engine speed.

Pros and Cons of Hitachi Leaf Blowers

3 Advantages of Hitachi Leaf Blowers

  • Most Hitachi leaf blowers come with a two-year warranty. During this period, you can return a leaf blower that does not function as required.
  • Most Hitachi leaf blowers feature an ergonomic design that boosts your productivity. For instance, most of the backpack leaf blowers have thick and padded shoulder straps that increase your comfort while carrying the load.
  • Another advantage of the Hitachi leaf blowers is that they have low fuel consumption and lower emissions. The low fuel consumption reduces your cost of cleaning.

2 Disadvantages of Hitachi Backpack Leaf Blowers

  • Some types like the Hitachi TBL7800R backpack blower produces more sound that can impair your hearing if use it for a longer period.
  • Another notable downside of using a Hitachi leaf blower is that prolonged exposure to the low emission can be harmful to your respiratory health.

Bottom Line

Hitachi leaf blowers are essential gardening tools used to clean yards during the fall season when most trees shed their leaves. Besides helping you move leaves, the leaf blowers also help you move twigs and other debris that give your yard an unsightly look if left unmoved. The review above helps you choose one that suits your purpose.

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