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Ego Leaf Blower Review – Is It Strong Enough?

Some people say that life is all about making choices. In order to gain something, you need to give something up. The choice between different leaf blowers boils down to a matter of power versus motor size. Of course, bigger motors are usually more powerful, but they also tend to be heavier and noisier. This has a lot to do with the fact that most of the bigger motors use fuel for power. Luckily, the Ego leaf blower is battery powered, making it lighter and quieter than others without sacrificing any power. This article will go over its main characteristics.

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Top Features of the Ego Leaf Blower

1. Lightweight

One of the most immediately noticeable features of an Ego leaf blower is its light weight. One of the main reasons for it is that it’s a battery-powered product. Smaller models such as the Ego Power+ 530 CFM Blower weigh only 13.6 pounds, making them easily manageable for basically anyone. At the same time, a larger model such as the Ego Power+ 600 CFM Backpack Blower weighs only 25 pounds that are comfortably distributed through the entire body due to the product’s ergonomic design.

2. Powerful

Unlike most battery-powered leaf blowers, the Ego is capable of going head to head with some of the best fuel-powered items. Operating at three speeds, it’s capable of reaching air speeds of 110 miles per hour. Amazingly, thanks to its design and its lack of a combustion process, it can achieve this amount of power without deafening everyone around.

3. User-Friendly

Apart from its reduced noise and its low weight, the Ego leaf blower has various features that make it surprisingly user-friendly. One of the most important ones is its ergonomic design. Featuring an easy and firm grip, it is meant to maximize efficiency without sacrificing comfort during extended periods of time.

4. Eco-Friendly

Because it does not use fossil fuels for power, the Ego leaf blower is one of the most eco-friendly products of its kind. Models such as the Ego LB4801 leaf blower use a battery of only 2.0 Ah.

Pros and Cons of the Ego Leaf Blower

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Ego Leaf Blower Advantages

• It eliminates the need of using fuel of any kind. This is convenient since dealing with fuel can be dangerous, time-consuming, messy and dirty.

• Whether a specific model includes a backpack or not, the Ego leaf blower’s design is comfortable, ergonomic and light. This advantage greatly reduces the strain and tiredness that are caused by using the product over extended periods of time. It also includes comfortable waist and sternum straps that secure the leaf blower’s position while improving its balance.

• Due to a combination of a 2.5Ah/56V power source and a tube-mounted motor, the Ego leaf blower is incredibly silent while delivering a huge amount of power.

• It is more affordable than most of the top-scoring gas-powered leaf blowers in the market.

Its battery is compatible with any of the other Ego Power+ outdoor tools.

• Its Arc-Lithium technology allows it to function at its maximum capacity until the battery is completely drained.

Ego Leaf Blower Disadvantages

• Compared to leaf blowers that run on oil or gas, the run time of the Ego is somewhat unimpressive. However, it only takes 45 minutes to fully charge the battery of any of its models.

• Batteries have a limited lifespan, needing replacement after a couple of years. Some of them may also be flawed or damaged, reducing their expected lifespan even further. Unfortunately, batteries are rather expensive, going for around 190 dollars each.

The Bottom Line of the Ego Leaf Blower

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Like most worthwhile things in life, the Ego leaf blower has pros and cons. However, it’s safe to say that its advantages greatly outweigh its disadvantages. Of course, what stands out about this leaf blower the most is that it is powered using a battery. Not only that, the Ego leaf blower manages to produce an enormous amount of air speed through the use of electrical energy.

No matter what anyone says about it, there’s no doubt that it constitutes a good alternative to oil and gas-powered leaf blowers. Without compromising power, this product eliminates the hassle of acquiring and using fuels like oil or gas. Additionally, it reduces toxicity from fumes, preserving your health and the environment.

Additional Tips

Another fantastic feature this leaf blower has is that it’s incredibly quiet in comparison to others. In fact, unlike many other leaf blowers, the Ego leaf blower does not require users to wear hearing protection of any sort. A lot of its quietness has to do with the fact that it does not use fuels like gas or oil, eliminating the noise that is caused by the combustion process that other leaf blowers need to produce energy.

Its tube-mounted motor also does its part by significantly reducing vibration. As if that wasn’t enough, backpack models of the Ego leaf blower keep the engine away from your ears when equipped, further reducing hearing discomfort. Through all of this, the product’s jet engine turbine fan technology maintains a vigorous and steady stream of air.

Of course, this product is not without its faults. They have to do mostly with battery run time and costs. However, for most people, it’s important to have alternatives to fuel-powered products, and this is definitely a good one.

Let’s Recap

We can conclude that the Ego leaf blower is definitely a high-quality product with great value. Without a doubt, it’s unique due to its excellent power delivery using only an electric source of energy. It’s also a very user-friendly leaf blower due to its light weight, ergonomic design, and easy charging process. Its various models add to the versatility of this product, extending the reach of its functionality. Additionally, its various speeds and turbo modes ensure that even the most demanding users will be satisfied with their purchase of an Ego leaf blower. Let us know your opinion in the comments!

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