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Echo PB-755ST Backpack Blower Review

Landscape professionals and property maintenance companies need a dependable blower for different jobs. Even homeowners with larger properties can benefit from owning a quality backpack design. A blower that packs enough power can do more than just blow your driveway clean.

Sure, a handheld blower might be good enough for short sidewalk, small driveway or a few leaves now and then. However, if you really want to move debris, you need a blower with a lot of power. Here is an Echo PB-755ST review to explain why this blower model should be at the top of your list.

Echo PB-755ST 63.3cc Backpack Blower with Tube Mounted Throttle

Top Features of the Echo PB-755ST Backpack Blower

The first feature in the Echo PB-770T review must make mention of the powerful engine. This Echo blower model has been packed with a powerful 63.3 cc engine. Wind speed ratings are an astonishing 233 miles per hour.

The cubic feet per minute (cfm) rating at the exit pipe is 651cfm. This amount of force is going to knock off sticky debris and move heavier objects with ease.

One interesting difference between the PB-755ST and other models is the flexible tube. This not only improves control when temperatures are summer-like, but this flexibility also gives the blower an advantage when it’s cold. This makes the PB-755ST a great snow blower.

Echo installed a pleated air filter similar to what is used in automobiles. This feature dramatically improves the longevity of the carburetor system, considered an important feature in the Echo PB-755ST review.

The throttle trigger is mounted on the blower tube for convenience. A fingertip cruise switch allows you to lock the trigger speed or disengage in a snap easily.

The clear, 67.3-ounce polyurethane fuel tank helps prevent overflow when refueling. This makes it easy to see how full your tank is. The tank size is perfectly weighted, so it doesn’t add unnecessary extra pounds to the backpack. At the same time, it lets you blow for hours at a time.

Both the backrest and the shoulder straps have extra cushioning. This way, the backpack will not wear you out. You can handle jobs that take hours, without feeling uncomfortable.

The Echo PB-755ST has a wide angle, flexible tube. This improves mobility and boosts your ability to pinpoint the wind force. These two features combined make surrounding debris easy to eliminate and organize it into a neat pile simple.

Pros of the Echo PB-755ST Backpack Blower

pebbles next to each other covering all area

The Echo PB-755ST review must stress the outstanding power source behind this backpack blower. Smaller models will move things, but they cannot match the force of the PB-755ST.

This blower peels back wet debris, pushes gravel and pebbles across the pavement, and will send lightweight items hurling a few at a time. Packed with over 200mph of wind speed, this blower gets the job done with unbelievable efficiency.

There are other blowers on the market that offer a good warranty. Echo has blended power and performance to ensure the Echo PB-755ST has the punch to handle even tough commercial jobs. That means you shouldn’t be surprised that the Echo PB-755ST review considers a 5-year residential and 2-year commercial warranty to be a huge plus.

There has been side-by-side back pack blower comparisons that support the Echo PB-755ST review for efficiency. This blower has consistently proved to move twice the amount of debris as similar size competitors.

Customers have indicated they have added this blower to their inventory just because of the diverse number of jobs it can handle.

Cons of the Echo PB-755ST Backpack Blower

While the clear fuel tank is great when you have the blower sitting on the ground, it really doesn’t offer much benefit when the blower is strapped to your back. The Echo PB-755ST review should be specific about the weight. This is a 25-pound piece of equipment. Therefore, you need to either have help strapping it on your back or be strong enough to handle that much weight yourself.

Obviously, a backpack blower is carried on your back. This puts the engine directly behind your head. This is a powerful piece of equipment. On the other hand, the location means you need to add ear covers to prevent hearing damage. While this is not a big disadvantage, it is something you need to address when selecting a backpack model with such a strong power source.

Is the Echo PB-755ST Backpack Blower Worth Buying?

Unless you have small projects or situations that really don’t need much wind force to handle, you might get by with a smaller model. However, as the Echo PB-755ST review clearly indicates, this blower packs a wallop.

Leaves and lightweight debris are going to fly across the ground, and things that are stuck won’t be for long. The price may seem a little high in comparison to cheaper handheld models. Nonetheless, the specs will not stack up either.

This is a blower with a massive power source. The gear not only produces unbelievable wind force, but it is also built to last. When you consider the complete Echo PB-755ST review, you’re going to get your money’s worth.

When you combine all the useful features, solid workmanship, and commercial-grade performance, the PB-755ST is definitely worth buying. It will give you years of residential performance. It also makes the perfect addition to the arsenal of a commercial business.

Summing up the Echo PB-755ST Backpack Blower Review

Echo’s PB-775ST backpack blower has so much power you won’t be stopping over to displace things that are stuck or kick sticks and gravel out of your way. There is enough wind power to blow leaves and lawn clippings off wet grass and clear away sticky debris.

When things are in your way, you are going to be able to move them with power using this backpack blower. If you thought you could get by with a small handheld blower, consider this Echo PB-755ST review as evidence you will be pleased if you elect to add power to your blower jobs.

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