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DeWalt 18V Leaf Blower Review

A gardening tool backed by the solid DeWalt brand, the DeWalt 18V leaf blower stands apart from the rest because of its outstanding air output and run time. This leaf blower employs an innovative axial fan to maximize and power up the performance to 400 cubic feet every minute. The maximum air volume sits at around 90 miles per hour.

To be honest, you do have some leaf blowers out there to push the air speeds even faster, but along with this, the lightweight and ergonomic design emit low noise so that you can enjoy yourself while working out in the yard. As far as outdoor tools go, the DeWalt 18V leaf blower adds to your outdoor tool rack nicely.

We have created this spot-on review to help you find useful details regarding the DeWalt blower’s features, price, pros, cons, and whether or not it is worth buying.
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Top Features of the DeWalt 18V Leaf Blower

#1. Variable Trigger and Speed Lock

The DeWalt 18V leaf blower features a variable trigger and a speed lock. The variable trigger means you can blow leaves across the yard at a consistent rate. Also, you have a speed lock to integrate everything and put some control into the use of your leaf blower.

#2. Ergonomic Design

When it comes to maneuvering around the yard with the DeWalt 18V leaf blower, the lighter ergonomic design guarantees easier performance.

#3. Lightweight and Quiet

In total, it only weighs 7.1 pounds. Compared to some of the other leaf blowers on the market, this one emits low noise frequency at just 61 decibels.

#4. Larger Tube – Covering a Bigger Area

Some of the other leaf blowers might have a higher air volume. For example, the leaf blower might shoot air out at 185 mph. What they never mention, however, is how the CFM doesn’t do much. In comparison to the DeWalt, this model sports a much larger tube all the way out so that the air output actually covers more area.

#5. Easy Start – at the Push of a Button

A lot of customers praised the instant-on trigger with the DeWalt because you just squeeze the button and go. Greenworks, on the other hand, forces you to push the turbo button and the power button. Once you have done this, you dial up the speed for the wheel, but there’s no trigger, which makes it much harder.

This leaf blower is available on several online stores and platforms such as Ebay. It costs approximately $100.

The Pros of the DeWalt 18V Leaf Blower

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#1. Long Battery Life Cycle

Considering the tiny 18V battery, surprise floods your mind as you realize the excellent battery life. This means you can work longer when out in the yard without pause because the battery died.

#2. Wide Coverage

The wide coverage of this leaf blower provides you with just the “Oomph!” needed to get the job done. The wider area covered ensures you can keep moving through the job.

#3. Instant Full Power

You don’t have to deal with a power-on button or a turbo button with this one. You simply pull the trigger, and you will have instant full power. This compares with the favorable and reasonable tool that doubles the power voltage from a 40V battery.

#4. Quiet Leaf Blower

The DeWalt 18V leaf blower also operates somewhat quietly compared to your other choices on the market. It does have a buzzing sound, but overall, it doesn’t compare to some of the louder alternatives that way.

The Cons of the DeWalt 18V Leaf Blower

#1. Simplistic Features

The biggest con of this leaf blower is the overly simplistic nature of it. While some people might not have a problem with that, this leaf blower does the job of blowing, but you shouldn’t expect too much more from it in terms of features. It does the job it sets out to do and not much more than that.

#2. Not Really a Proper Blower for Bigger Yards

The battery might give you about 25 minutes of work. That’s impressive for an 18-volt battery but still disheartening for people who have a big yard to finish up.

The Bottom Line of the DeWalt 18V Leaf Blower

Some people rightfully exercise caution because of the battery operation, and a lot of the battery machines do a worse job than the gas-powered leaf blowers. The DeWalt 18V leaf blower, in contrast, exhibits enough power to clean up a medium-sized backyard after mowing the lawn or once the leaves fall. It can move much of the larger debris with only a slightly louder motor.

When you set it alongside the Black and Decker 20V leaf blower, this one delights you with two to three times the power. At the same time, you eliminate the need for power cords and gas-operated machines. Mostly, we’d recommend this leaf blower more for residential use because it won’t pull its own weight in the larger jobs, but for a small residential property, you can get a lot done with battery power to spare.

The larger tube lends you numerous advantages like blowing a larger diameter, but for those tight corners and spaces, it becomes more of a liability.

You can also put a full charge on the DeWalt 18V leaf blower within 30 minutes, and you get excellent coverage for the charge time. If you go into buying this product with reasonable expectations, you will find it doesn’t necessarily have the same power as a gas leaf blower, but it also doesn’t make as much noise, and you can maneuver it better because it lacks the bulk and doesn’t heat up as much.

If you want to blow grass clippings or leaves around the yard, this tool can help you organize better. For those places where you don’t want exhaust fumes, this works great. One example of this might be using it to clean dust bunnies out from under the couch.

Putting It All Together

A lot of people were very pleased with this power tool and how it serves you when working in the yard or driveway. Keep in mind, however, this does not make for a good gas-powered replacement if you need it for some of the heavier jobs. It just doesn’t have the large volume of air for that task. For the smaller job though, you have a leaf blower that does an impressive cleaning. Do you have the DeWalt 18V Leaf Blower? If so, we’d love it if you shared your experiences with it.

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