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7 Best Small Leaf Blower Choices in 2018

Owning a good leaf blower can be a useful tool around your property. You can keep driveways and sidewalks clean or clear away leaves and yard debris. Finding the best small leaf blower doesn’t need to be a difficult search. To…Continue Reading →

The 4 Best Shindaiwa Backpack Blowers on the Market

Shindaiwa manufactures some of the highest quality lawn and property maintenance equipment in the world. Their line of four Shindaiwa backpack blowers has one of the best reputations across the commercial community. Shindaiwa has a stellar reputation for excellence in…Continue Reading →

Toro Cordless Leaf Blower Review – The 51702 Model

For years, homeowners had two choices for a leaf blower. You either had to deal with an extension cord dragging around behind you or used a gasoline-powered blower. Both these alternatives held negative consequences for many users. With battery technology…Continue Reading →