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Top 5 Best Black and Decker Leaf Blower Options

Are you looking for a Black and Decker leaf blower that you can trust for your home? Then consider any of the following Black and Decker leaf blower models. They are among the most popular and well-reviewed on the market today.

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Each Black and Decker leaf blower on this list has been arranged according to a few different criteria. Slower models with less useful accessories will be the first on the list. The last blower on the list is the most potent and helpful. Following this, you will get information on which fan you should choose for your yard.

Top 5 Black and Decker Leaf Blower Models to Consider

#1. 40V MAX Sweeper

a black and decker 40v leaf blower

This Black and Decker leaf blower is lightweight, at just four pounds, yet has a top speed of up to 125 miles per hour. That makes it possible to get your leafs blown quickly and efficiently. It comes with a built-in battery power monitor that makes sure you don’t run out during the middle of a big job.

With an efficient design that absorbs a majority of the excess noise, this leaf blower is easy enough for just about anyone in the family to use. For example, children that want to help out with the yard work will enjoy using this straightforward and streamlined model.

#2. 60V MAX POWERBOOST Cordless Blower

a black and decker 60v leaf blower

Another cordless Black and Decker leaf blower, this model features 400 CFM cordless power. What does this mean? It indicates the power that this blower can create, which tops out at above 100 miles per hour. While less powerful than the leaf blower above, it does have its advantage.

First of all, it has an easy-to-use push-button start system that makes it easier for just about anybody to use. It even includes a built-in metal scraper that lets you break apart and scoop up debris that refuses to budge. When your battery runs out, the fast-acting charger can get you back on the go in less than an hour.

#3. Seven-Amp Blower

a black and decker amp corded blower

So far, this seven-amp blower is the most powerful option this list. With a top speed of up to 180 miles per hour, you should have no difficulty breaking up leaf clumps in your yard. The built-in cord makes charging this unit unnecessary, though obviously uninterrupted electrical input must be maintained during its operation.

Light enough to hold in one hand (4.4 pounds), this blower is a compelling choice for those who want a corded Black and Decker leaf blower that they can trust. The included blow tube is very easy to install and can be adjusted to direct air in many different directions.


a black and decker smartech max leaf blower

While this Black and Decker leaf blower isn’t the most powerful on the list (130 miles per hour), it has a powerful battery that allows for over 25 minutes of continuous use. What makes this particular model stand out, though, is the use of SMARTECH technology.

This Black and Decker control system lets you automatically locate your tools for easier convenience. It even allows you to control the sweeper right from your phone, including the speed and direction of the blow tube. Anyone interested in technology will love this blower.

#5. 12-Amp High-Performance Blower/Vacuum/Mulcher

a black and decker high performance mulcher

Last, but not least, on this list is this incredible Black and Decker leaf blower. With a 12-amp engine, it is capable of delivering gusts of cleaning air at speeds of up to 250 miles per hour. This rate makes it, by far, the most powerful Black and Decker leaf blower on this list.

It has also been designed to be 50 percent quieter during operation, includes a built-in cord and cord retainer, speed selection options for flower beds and matted leaves, and has a pivoting nozzle that can be adjusted to create a steady and consistent flow of air. It can also be switched between a blower and a vacuum.

Which Black and Decker Leaf Blower Should You Choose?

So which of these great Black and Decker leaf blower models should you choose for your home? Many people may be compelled to buy the 12-Amp High-Performance Blower/Vacuum/Mulcher because it is the most powerful on the list. However, it is more expensive than most of the others and may be too difficult for some to use.

It is designed for those who have more heavy-duty leaf fall in their yard or for professional maintenance crews. Due to its speed, controlling the direction and positioning of the leafs can be tricky with this model. Thankfully, you can still adjust how much air it blows and quickly change the nozzle direction as necessary.

For those who just need a small leaf blower for an apartment lawn, the 40V MAX Sweeper is an excellent choice. Inexpensive, yet powerful, it is probably all the leaf blower you will need for your small yard. As it is so comfortable to hold for extended periods of time, it can also be a useful tool for helping out friends who have larger yards than you.

However, for those who have an adaptable Smartphone that they want to integrate into as many aspects of their life as possible, the SMARTECH 20V MAX POWERBOOST Sweeper is an excellent choice. It is fun to control this model with the phone, making it useful for those who plan on listening to music or playing games on their phone while doing yard work.

Summing It Up

As you can see, choosing a Black and Decker leaf blower isn’t as easy as just picking the model with the most amenities. If you aren’t planning on heavy leaf blowing or think a lower-powered Black and Decker leaf blower is right for you, try the 60V MAX POWERBOOST Cordless Blower, as it is among the least expensive on this list.

Do you have any advice to share on choosing a high-quality Black and Decker leaf blower? Then please share your tips with us below. Also, make sure to share this article with your friends online, particularly those who love doing yard work.

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