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Black and Decker 40V Blower Review

If you bought a leaf blower, then you probably have a lot of heavy-duty work outside. The Black and Decker 40V Blower powers everything behind you, and you’ll have the power to finish more work from a single charge. This cordless leaf blower does the job with fewer disturbances.

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One of the cardinal sins of a cordless leaf blower is how when blowing off a patio, deck or sidewalk, the charge doesn’t last long enough to finish the job, but the Black and Decker 40V Blower actually holds a pretty decent charge.

The Best Features of the Black and Decker 40V

This leaf blower packs a charge that lasts around 25 minutes. You can get a lot done in the time before you have to switch out the batteries. That brings us to the next benefit of the Black and Decker 40V Blower is how you can switch out the 40V rechargeable lithium battery with a 36V if needed. This leaf blower also blows much quieter than what you get with a gas blower. Some of the other features include:

  • Charges last for weeks when not used.
  • Battery charger included.
  • Six power command settings boost the performance.
  • A three-year warranty protects you from defects and workmanship errors.
  • 120 mph speed when blowing.

You can easily clear debris with the Black and Decker 40V Blower. In addition, it converts to vacuum mode. This allows you to vacuum debris from surfaces quickly and easily without having this annoying cord behind you. Weighing just 5.4 pounds, you have a handy tool to blow debris out of the way. Because of the mulching fan, you can take around six bags of leaves down to a single bag.

In addition, the soft grip handle makes for added comfort when gripping the handle. The Black and Decker 40V Blower features one of the only vacuum attachments you will find for a product like this. This leaf blower also needs minimal cleanup with a damp cloth and a mild soap.

Pros and Cons of Black and Decker 40V Blower

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Advantages of the Black and Decker 40V Blower

First, if you want to save money by excluding the battery, you can buy this model without the battery. That’d come in handy, if say, you already had a 40V or 36V rechargeable battery. Buying it with, however, can save you $20 later, and it gives you an extra battery to have one charging on the side for those longer jobs. When completing a job, this leaf blower runs much quieter than a gas operated leaf blower.

Also, it runs cleaner for those individuals concerned about environmentally friendly solutions. Those who purchase this product with the battery charger will receive what’s known as the “State of Charge Feature.” It includes four LED lights that display the level of charge in the battery. Keep in mind that manufacturers did not design the Black and Decker 40V blower to operate on a 20 percent or less charge.

Disadvantages of the Black and Decker 40V Blower

In particular, if you want a leaf blower for grassy surfaces, you may want to continue your search elsewhere. The Black and Decker 40V Blower does a better job with hard surfaces like patios and sidewalks. You also have no option for dual voltage. This leaf blower will only work on a 120V current.

Also, if you want the same blowing capacity as a gas blower, you might be better off simply buying one. A cordless handheld leaf blower like this only features about 70 percent of the blowing power you get with a gas or electric corded leaf blower.

Bottom Line of the Black and Decker 40V Blower

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For fast cleanup in a dirty garage, this handy portable leaf blower does the job without tripping over the cord and without the need to buy gas for it. With an 18V or 20V battery, you have a charge of a shorter duration, which means it doesn’t last as long for those bigger jobs. Overall, you have a machine that’s easy to use and maintain. Some ideas on what you could use it for include:

  • Carport.
  • Patio.
  • Garage flooring.
  • Driveway.
  • Deck.

This product removes insects, small rocks, twigs, leaves, and garbage. In the power tool business for more than 100 years, Black and Decker made colossal and revolutionary waves in the industry. The company made a conscious effort to put forth environmentally friendly products, and this cordless rechargeable battery leaf blower minimizes its impact on the environment.

Typically with a cordless blower, you sacrifice power, but one to four on a dial from one to six can usually get the grass. You can also make use of the edge guard to stop the trimmer from cutting into trees and posts. In terms of recharge, this battery can recharge in under an hour if you put it on the charger after every use.

So if you have a couple of rechargeable batteries on standby, you can keep doing yard tasks without interference. The nice thing here is how you can also control the speed, handing you greater control over the task. This product works well with leaves after a heavy rain or snow, and it has two power modes depending on what you need it for.

Putting It All Together

Should you buy the Black and Decker 40V Blower? For the bigger yards, you will want a second rechargeable battery, but this is a great tool because it weighs less than a gas powered blower. So you will not have to take breaks to set it down as often. The power behind it has surprised some people because normally cordless blowers have a lot less power.

Do you own the Black and Decker 40V Blower? If so, we’d love to hear about your experiences. For those who have never tried a cordless blower, we invite you to give this one a shot.

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