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The Best Backpack Gas Leaf Blower Reviews

Spring is upon us, and so is the opportunity to get your yard in the best shape possible. After a long winter, residential landscapes are full of clutter from the decayed foliage and natural debris that has collected. The best tool to use to get rid of a mess from your property is a gas leaf blower.

man working with a leaf blower

Gas leaf blowers can be used by professional landscapers and contractors or the home enthusiast to tidy up their exteriors and breathe new life into them. Backpack leaf blowers are lightweight, cordless and powerful.

The information that follows can be used to decide the type of gas leaf blower that is best for the commercial or residential application that it is intended for. The products listed here were chosen by consulting Consumer Reports ratings and reviews as well as Amazon reviews. Each of the leaf blowers reviewed was tested by Consumer Reports. Moreover, they received no less than a four-star rating on either site and are listed in ascending order according to their price.

Top 5 Backpack Leaf Blowers to Consider

1. Husqvarna 130 BT

husqvarna gas leaf blower

  • Weight: 6.75 lbs.
  • Price: $229.00.

Consumer Reports uses certain criteria when rating gas leaf blowers. This includes the speed with which air exits the leaf blowing tube component. These speeds are measured using cubic feet per minute (CFM) and miles per hour (mph). Also, they are known as sweeping and loosening, which indicates the speed of leaf moving and speed of removing embedded debris, respectively. Also of importance is ease of use and decibel (dB) level.

This Husqvarna model is perfect for the homeowner who has minimal or maximal yard duties. It is the lightest weight leaf blower in our top five, which makes long-duration yard cleanup a breeze. Furthermore, it is the least expensive of the reviewed models, but what it gives away in cost it makes up for in performance.

The Husqvarna 130 BT emits 374 CFM of air at 145 mph. No official information is available on the decibel level. However, consumer reviews boast of its quiet operation. Of particular distinction are the X-Torq® engine and ergonomic features.

This new engine is more efficient with good fuel economy and fewer emissions but does not disappoint on power. The 30-cc engine is surprisingly powerful. Controls are mounted on the harness and tube for optimal operational capability.

If you want to find out more about this leaf blower, you can read Amazon reviews.

2. Echo PB-265LN

echo gas leaf blower

  • Weight: 13.3 lbs.
  • Price: $249.00.

This Echo model performs well on all fronts. It is lightweight, priced well, emits 355 CFM of air at 135 mph, and has a decibel level of 64. Most municipal limits are 65 dB. It has the smallest engine of all the gas leaf blowers on this list but has a translucent tank which is helpful in determining when fuel is running low.

Click here to read more information and read Amazon reviews.

3. Husqvarna 150 BT

a small husqvarna gas leaf blower

  • Weight: 22.5 lbs.
  • Price: $299.00.

The Husqvarna 150 BT is marketed as the “best seller” in the line-up of gas leaf blower products. It has a moderate weight and price. The heavier weight is due to its larger, 50-cc X-Torq® engine. Along with the bigger engine comes an expected, heftier price.

This model of Husqvarna gas leaf blower emits 434 CFM of air at 251 mph. Needless to say, the sweeping and loosening power is great for the homeowner market. Ergonomically, this leaf blower has considerable comfort with a harness that reduces load, a hip belt, and wide, padded shoulder straps.

Amazon reviews can provide more useful details about this product.

4. Husqvarna 350 BT

husqvarna 350bt leaf blower

  • Weight: 20.2lbs.
  • Price: $300.00.

The Husqvarna 350 BT is the first of the gas leaf blowers on this list that is designed for the demands of commercial use. As a result, it has a large 50-cc X-Torq® engine that is capable of emitting 494 CFM of air at a speed of 180 mph. Let’s not forget that this engine technology is not just for power generation; it reduces fuel consumption and emissions compared to other 2-cycle engines.

This model starts easily with Air Purge technology that eliminates air from the fuel system. This option is a nice advantage when time is of the essence. Comfort, ease-of-use, and duration of use are acceptable with ergonomic features that the other Husqvarna models have. Between Consumer Reports and Amazon, customers rated this leaf blower 4.5 to 5.0 on a five-star scale.

If you want to discover more details about this particular product, you should read Amazon reviews.

5. Echo PB-500H

a small echo leaf blower

  • Weight: 23.2 lbs.
  • Price: $499.00.

The Echo PB-500H is the most expensive of the top five gas leaf blowers. With that added cost, the user gets a bigger engine that is graded for professional use. On the other hand, the larger 50.8-cc engine makes the blower heavier than the others. Even still, this powerful engine emits 465 CFM of air at 195 mph.

The comforts of extended use are aided by a padded backrest and shoulder straps. Filtration is enhanced by automotive-style technology and a leaf guard that prohibits foliage from blocking the air intake mechanism. The throttle is capable of different speeds and is mounted at the hip for convenience in operation.

Click here to read more information and read Amazon reviews.

Which Backpack Leaf Blower Should You Choose?

There are only two names to choose from when it comes to top-rated, affordable gas leaf blowers: Husqvarna and Echo. This is an unintentional consequence after compiling the research, ratings, and reviews from the resource sites. Either brand has models available for both residential and commercial use.

The backpack leaf blower you choose should fit your needs. Whether you have a small or large yard or run your own landscaping business, these gas leaf blowers should fit the bill. Not only have they been tested by a reputable company, but consumers have also added their input to help you make a good choice.

It should be noted that all of the blowers listed above contain two-cycle engines. The distinction between a two-cycle and a four-cycle engine lies in the fact that the smaller, lighter engine of the two-cycle variety must be refueled with a gas and oil mixture. You can mix this substance by yourself – though it is not recommended – or a premixed product used.

We do not recommend self-mixing as most negative reviews came from improper fuel composition that ruined the leaf blower. When using a premixed gas and oil combination, compatibility with your model of leaf blower should be identified before use.

Putting It All Together

Gas leaf blowers are without the hassle of cords, which saves time and frustration. They are lightweight and easy on the back as a result. Moreover, these products are affordable and provide much value for the cost including power, fuel efficiency, and comfort.

If you have not already used a gas leaf blower for your yard maintenance needs, then you should explore the sites linked above to find out more about using this equipment or share your experiences using a backpack leaf blower. If you have some tips and tricks that other leaf blower professionals and enthusiasts would love to hear about, please share your input with us.

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