Top 10 Best Garden Hose For 2019: Keeping Your Garden Growing

Top 10 Best Garden Hoses For 2019: Keeping Your Garden Growing

Best garden hose

Watering your garden without a hose is nearly impossible.

Unless you’re keen on filling a pail from the spicket, having a hose eliminates unnecessary time wasting, and allows you to cover more areas with less water. Depending on your location, the style, resilience, and job, the right hose really can make all the difference.

A garden hose is a necessary tool for good lawn care, keeping your garden growing, or even for splashing the kids during the hot summer months. Thus, you’ll probably want the best one for your needs.

Doing so can ensure your plant and yard care is at its finest, specifically when your crops need it the most. When you’re doing any landscaping of your own it’s important to have quality products that will last. Some might see the everyday garden hose as an expendable product, but we urge you to rethink that.

Today, we’re going to be talking about the nicest garden hoses you can find today. We’ll cover the different types, along with the varying uses of each. It’s time to water your gardens and lawns with the best of the best.

Choosing The Best Garden Hose Isn’t Easy

This might sound hard to believe, because most people don’t think about their garden hose purchases but sifting through all the different brands of hoses can be a long, tedious process.

There are so many manufacturers nowadays that it’s easy to become lost within the marketing jargon for each product. Add-on the number of brands that you’ll deal with and it can make the process painstakingly mundane.

Plus, retailer-specific brands and models can confuse you even more.

Of course, one of the biggest issues with determining a great hose from a mediocre one is durability, and this is also the hardest attribute to test. Seeing as hoses should last a decent amount of time, testing for this can be difficult.

At the end of the day, the best garden hose for you is the one that aligns to your needs the best, while proving to be a strong investment.

How We Chose Our Ratings

For us, accuracy and a straightforward approach to the products is the best policy, so that’s why we’ve done the heavy-lifting for you.

We’ve gone through many different reviews and websites, both professional and user-based, to get a good idea of what you would want in a hose. Using this real-world data, we can accurately see just how a brand or model performs.

On top of this, we’ve made sure to keep a company’s reputation and quality at the forefront of any decisions. Quite simply, if a manufacturer has had success, and is seen as a reputable brand in years, or products, past, their hoses came out better. Those that last 5-10 years and come with a warranty are going to be higher rated than any without such guarantees.

The last part of our ratings process has to do with the confidence you should have purchasing any of the products seen below, respectfully. For this purpose, we use stars at the end of the descriptions, summing up our ideas on one hose or another.

It’s an important decision choosing a piece of equipment that’s should last a while and picking out the perfect garden hose is no different.

Without further ado, let’s check out the best garden hoses you can buy.

Our Top 10 Garden Hoses

Overall rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

Flexzilla Garden Hose with SwivelGrip, 5/8 in. x 75 ft., Heavy Duty, Lightweight, Drinking...
  • EXTREMELY FLEXIBLE – Extreme all-weather flexibility makes it easy to maneuver around...
  • EXTREMELY DURABLE – Durable and abrasion-resistant outer cover and crush resistant...
  • WON’T KINK UNDER PRESSURE – Flexible hybrid polymer material allows the hose to lay...

The best garden hose you can buy, the Flexzilla Swivelgrip Garden Hose is up to any task.

For starts, it comes in a Zillagreen colorway that should make your garden or crops feel better just by the look of it.

Jokes aside, this garden hose represents all the right attributes of a hose you’d want to see: uncoils easily, durably-built to last, thick but not too-thick, a good length of cord to work with, and an easy-to-connect gripping mechanism.

The hose is constructed from a flexible, hybrid polymer material, creating a strong, abrasion-resistant, all-weather design. In addition, the hose is designed to withstand kinking at higher pressures, which can allow you to start, and finish, and watering fast and frustration-free.

We highly recommend the Flexzilla, which is reflected in our full 5-out-of-5-star rating. You can find the 75’ version for $65.

Overall rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

50ft Garden Hose - ALL NEW Expandable Water Hose with Double Latex Core, 3/4" Solid Brass...
  • MAKE YOUR WATERING SIMPLE AND EFFICIENT with the Hospaip water hose: we designed and...
  • INCREDIBLE DURABILITY - no more leaks, tear or cracks: solid 3/4 Inches brass connectors,...
  • FLEXIBLE DESIGN - this expandable hose starts out from 17 Feet; when the water is turned...

Between the storage bag, price tag, brass couplings, and expanding nature, this hose has a lot going for it.

The Hospaip Expandable Garden Hose is constructed from 3750D polyester and is made from double-latex piping. All this really means is that the design really is flexible. Because of the expansion feature, the cord does a good job of not getting tangled and is virtually-free of kinks or twists.

In terms of usefulness, the fact that the initial hose only measures 17’ long, and subsequently expands based on water pressure is a huge win for anyone with storage concerns.

As for the price, it currently sits at a mere $30 on Amazon, making it one of the cheapest options listed here.

Overall, there isn’t much that beats the value here, and we gave it top marks with a 5-star rating.

No products found.

Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

No products found.

If you need a heavy duty, vinyl coiled hose that is ready to tackle any job, the NeverKink XP Contracter garden hose has you covered.

The good: the hose can handle up to 500psi, has a wide water flow opening, is abrasion resistant, is crush resistant, made in the U.S.A. with a lifetime guarantee, and has MicroShield protection to keep mold and mildew at bay. Plus, the couplings are rated for 1400-pounds of force.

There’s not much else to say about this model, as it’s a great option for anyone needed a long, or strong, hose.

You can have all of this for only $60, making it a good value among the longer hoses on the market. We gave it a 4.5-star rating.  

Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

FOREVER STEEL HOSE | 50FT 304 Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Metal Garden Water Hose - Kink...
  • PREMIUM STEEL HOSE – Our 50’ “As Seen On TV” metal garden hose is constructed with...
  • ADVANCED FLEX RIDGE DESIGN – Forever Steel Hoses flex ridge design is engineered with...
  • HANDLES ANY WEATHER - Designed specifically for being left out for long periods of time,...

Looking for the ultimate in weatherproof hoses?

If so, the search is over. The Forever Steel Hose is made from 304 stainless steel to last as long as possible.

Some of the drawbacks are the total weight, as the hose comes in at over five-pounds (average on our list is about two-pounds.) Also, while the outside diameter is measured at 5/8”, the internal diameter is smaller, allowing for less water flow.

Still, the hose is a highly-rigid product, one that should last for a while. Rated at 4.5-stars, and costing $35, it’s a great pick among the best garden hoses.

Overall rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

Gilmour Flexogen Super Duty Gray 5/8" x 100'
  • Patented 8-layer construction with reinforced core maximizes both durability and kink...

The Gilmour HydroStrong hose hits the sweet-spot of lightweight design with kink-resistant performance.

Crafted from aluminum couplings and a six-layer vinyl construction, the hose is built to last. It’s rated for 400psi, giving you room to work if big performance is needed, and is made in the U.S.A. Plus, it’s backed by a lifetime warranty, should any problem arise.

At each end, there are steel spring guards to stop any kinking at the spigot and is tested to conform to its rigid standards.

You can find it for $30 at your local Lowe’s, and we rate it 4-stars strong.

Overall rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

Continental 5/8-inch x 50-feet All-Weather Rubber Water Garden Hose, Made in USA
  • Ideal Garden Hose - Water hose is perfect for car washing, watering plants, garden, lawn...
  • Won’t Twist, Kink or Tangle - Lightweight and easy to maneuver around trees, corners,...
  • Lightweight Garden Hose - Blend construction offers the best of both material, lighter in...

It’s fitting a tire company (rubber) is making commercial grade rubber hoses. Such is the case, and Continental’s Commercial version is well-suited for many tasks.


The all-weather construction allows peace of mind when leaving the hose out, as it’s flexible in cold or warm temperatures, and is resistant to frost and abrasion. Due to the heavy-duty construction, the hose can handle 400 psi.

It’s not lead-free and isn’t safe for drinking water, but if you need a big-job rubber hose, this is the one to get. You’ll find it around $30 at retailers, and it holds a 4-star rating from us.

Overall rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

Swan Products SMF58050CC Scotts MaxFLEX Lightweight Garden Hose with Crush Proof Couplings...
  • Delivers powerful burst strength of 500 PSI; Backed by extra large, crush proof couplings
  • Hose armor prevents kinking at the spigot; Lay-Flat technology prevents twisting during...
  • Designed with a co-polymer material allowing durability and flexibility in a range of...

Technology is advancing at a fast pace, and that also applies to the best garden hoses.

Case in point: Scotts MaxFlex hoses use a new proprietary compound that’s supposed to be extra strong and durable. It can withstand 500 psi, is kink and crush resistant, plus it’s lead free. All this in a slim, seven-pound package is great value.

Speaking of, you can find the MaxFlex for $35 at your local hardware store or online, and we gave the hose a solid 4-star rating.  

Overall rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

Swan Products CGYSGC58050 Goodyear MAXLite Premium Rubber+ Water Hose with Crush Proof...
  • Delivers powerful burst strength of over 400 PSI; Backed by extra large, crush proof...
  • Hose armor twice as strong and 40% lighter than standard rubber hoses
  • Designed for temperature range of -40° F up to 165° F; Remains pliant and durable

If you need a hose to be seen, the Goodyear MAXLite High Visibility hose is great choice.

Featuring a blue reflective stripe, in addition to the yellow color, make it a safe choice for any job. The hose is durable enough for hot water and contains aluminum couplings for a crush-resistant design. For pressure, Goodyear MAXLite is rated at 400psi, and weighs in at 14 pounds (the heaviest on our list.)

It’s the best garden hose for safety on our list and should stand the test of time. Plus, if something does happen, there is a lifetime warranty offered.

Overall, we rate the MAXLite at 4-stars, and you can grab one yourself for $75.

No products found.

Overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars.

No products found.

The second expandable hose on our list, the GrowGreen Garden Hose is a space-efficient watering product that comes with a spray nozzle, if needed.

This hose should fit all your standard watering and pressure needs, and the brass couplings and rubber washers provide a decent design. Again, the hose starts out at a mere 17’, ultimately expanding due to water pressure up to 50’.

In terms of quality, the single-latex design could leave a lot to be desired. Also, with any expandable hoses, there is a chance of the hose busting during normal use.

Really though, for the $30 that it costs, the GrowGreen is a solid choice. It’s one of the best garden hoses you can get, and we gave it 3.5-stars.

Overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars.

NeverKink 8642-75 Series 3000 Extra Heavy Duty Garden Hose, 5/8-Inch by 75-Feet
  • The Teknor Apex Neverkink extra heavy duty garden hose is 5/8 in x 75 ft
  • This Reflex Mesh anti-kink technology helps prevent no kinks or tangles
  • This hose features high strength, lead-free aluminum couplings and Micro Shield protection...

The last hose on our list could be higher, but quality-control issues plague this inexpensive, value-based garden hose.

The Teknor Apex NeverKink Extra Heavy-Duty version looks good on paper: made in the U.S.A., aluminum couplings, a 45-degree flexible design, and

Unfortunately, the hose isn’t intended for drinking water use, and it can’t be wound tightly together. Quality control is a real issue among customers, so it could be hit-or-miss on receiving a working, lasting product.

That said, the Apex NeverKink will only run you $40 for the 5/8” by 75’ variant, so it’s not bad in the pricing department. Overall, we gave this hose a 3.5-star rating.

Comparison Table

Find The Best Garden Hose With Our Buyer’s Guide

At the end of the day when your watering that precious garden or lawn, you want a hose that you can rely on, and one that fits your needs.

To find the perfect match, know what you need upfront.

If you live in a place that constantly has harsh, unforgiving weather conditions, heavier-duty hoses will be your friend. On the flipside, if you don’t face harsh, humid conditions every summer, then bypass any extra fluff marketed on hoses to alleviate problems in that climate.

For length, buying the right amount is crucial. If you only need 25’ feet of hose to reach a watering area don’t buy anything longer. It can just lead to frustration and unnecessary cost upfront.

Knowing your intentions will greatly increase the chance of a hose working out for you, so knowing as much as possible before a purchase can make a big difference on how you feel after it’s in your hands.

With hoses, it’s all about knowing the environment you plan to use them in, and then choosing the best for those needs.

Having The Best Garden Hose Makes A Difference

You might hear it a lot: having the best of any product makes it sense.

Yet, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, the “best” quality simply is more expensive for-profit reasons, not for the consumer such as yourself.

For garden hoses, however, the better-made products really are the best. The reality is that they’re made better for a reason: to last and perform. The best garden hose will perform all the duties you need it to, without skipping a beat.

Knowing what you need, and want, in your hose make all the difference in picking the best one for you. Plus, if you have something that you enjoy using, even with a simple item like a hose, it makes the task, such as daily watering, easier to complete.

Simply put, it’s beneficial to you, and your crops.

That said, looks like it’s just about time to water the plants.

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