The 3 Best and Most Effective Battery Powered Leaf Blowers - Best Backpack Blower Guide

The 3 Best and Most Effective Battery Powered Leaf Blowers

A battery powered leaf blower is an important gardening tool used to clear leaves, small twigs and other debris from your yard. The leaf blower has a nozzle that propels out hair to move the leaves and twigs.

an electric battery powered leaf blower

The conventional types of battery powered leaf blowers are the handheld leaf blower and the backpack blowers. Most people prefer the backpack blower because it is mounted on your back, hence easy to handle. Our article scrutinizes some of the best backpack leaf blowers, to help you choose the best type for your gardening activity. Our picks are arranged depending on their price and quality.

Top 3 Backpack Battery Powered Leaf Blower Options to Consider for Your Gardening

1. Dewalt 40V Max Lithium-Ion Back Pack Blower

the dewalt ion battery powered backpack blower

Dewalt Lithium Ion backpack uses two 40V 7.5Ah lithium batteries. The high voltage provides an air speed of 450 CFM. This high speed is sufficient to move dry leaves, wet leaves, and medium weight twigs and debris.

Its handle features a power control that lets you choose the battery you want to use for your cleaning task. Furthermore, the power control helps you to power off your leaf blower for storage or transport.

Another reason why this battery powered ranks as one of our top three picks is that it’s compliant with noise restrictions. As such, you can use it in noise sensitive areas like in a hospital setting or any other facility where noise is not required.

Its sturdy body can withstand rough and regular use. Another advantage of this battery powered leaf blower is that it eliminates maintenance costs of using the conventional gas-powered leaf blowers. You can buy this leaf blower on Amazon, for $494.32.

2. EGO Power+ 600 CFM Backpack Blower

an ego bare tool leaf blower

The EGO power backpack blower is an innovative battery-powered leaf blower that beats most standard gas blowers. This backpack leaf blower is quiet. Therefore, it safeguards your ears’ health, unlike most noisy leaf blowers. Another important feature on this battery operated leaf blower is that its light and you can comfortably carry it around while clearing your yard.

Its turbine fan blows out air at a speed of 600 CFM. It has a speed control that lets you regulate power and speed according to the nature of your cleaning activity. Using the speed control, you can adjust your leaf blower’s speed between 320 CFM to 600CFM.

It’s fully charged 5.0 Ah lithium battery can last for 120 minutes, when the leaf blower is operating on low speed. The EGOP power has a weather resistant construction which allows you to clean your yard even on the rainy days. It comes with a five- year warranty. Amazon sells EGO Power product for $347.75.

3. Greenworks 580 CFM Backpack Blower

a greenworks leaf blower

Greenworks 580 CFM BackPack blower is one of the best battery powered leaf blowers in the market. You can also use this backpack blower to blow out dust and any other debris in your property.

Some of the reasons why this battery operated blower is ranked amongst the best include Zero emission and maintenance. These two qualities make it a perfect choice for people who want to avoid the toxic emissions from leaf blowers that use gas or gasoline.

Another advantage of using this battery operated leaf blower from Greenworks is that it produces less noise and vibration. The quietly operating blower saves you from adverse health effects like hearing impairment, annoyance and lower back pain associated with excessive vibrations.

The battery powered leaf blower blows out air at a maximum speed of 580 CFM. This high speed lets you clear any dry or wet leaves, lightweight twigs, and other types of debris from your yard. It has a variable speed trigger to help you regulate your leaf blower’s speed according to the nature of your task. It comes with a full year tool warranty. The downside of this battery blower is that it does not come with a battery or charger. You can purchase it on Amazon, for $175.35.

Which Backpack Blower Should You Use for Your Leaf Cleaning Task?

Based on our review article we recommend the Ego power backpack blower as the best product for cleaning your yard during the fall season. We recommend it because it is less expensive, it is less noisy, works well and it requires little or no maintenance. Below we explain the reasons why you should consider it.

1. It Is Safe for Your Health

The first reasons why most people prefer this battery powered leaf blower to gas leaf blowers is that they do not produce toxic emissions that are injurious to your upper respiratory health. Furthermore, the battery powered leaf blower complies with the noise restricted areas. Therefore, the leaf blower operates silently and it produces fewer vibrations. This means that the blower has a reduced risk of impairing your hearing or causing other health issues associated with vibration.

2. It Has an Extended Battery Run Time

Another reason why we recommend this battery powered leaf blower is that it utilizes a lithium ion battery which runs for almost two hours. The extended runtime lets your blower to clear leaves and other litter on small or large sized yards.

3. It Has a 600 CFM

Another good thing with this backpack leaf blower is its high 600 CFM that moves dry leaves, wet leaves, medium weight twigs, and most types of debris that litter your yard. This makes your task easy and fast. You can adjust the CFM according to the nature of your task.

Putting It All Together

A battery powered leaf blower is an innovative leaf blower that reduces toxic emissions, noise, and vibrations that are injurious to your health. We recommend our picks for small or medium yards littered with leaves and or light weight litter. If you have been looking for a solution to replace your noisy gas leaf blower, then any one of our picks above is a solution. Also, if you have ever tried any of the battery powered leaf blower, share your experience.

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