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Discovering the Best Husqvarna Backpack Blower

While you might not know how to say Husqvarna, you probably know them by their reputation. This Swedish company has been around since the 1600‘s, and has been doing power mowers since the early days of the 20th century, making them one of the leaders in both professional and personal outdoor power tools.

One of their pieces that both professionals and private homeowners can both get a lot of use out of would be their extensive line of gas powered backpack blowers, all designed to help you move grass, leaves, and other debris much more quickly and comfortably than you could with rakes alone.

Much more comfortable than handheld leaf blowers, these backpack models balance a much larger motor on a backpack-style rig, giving you much more power while spreading out the extra weight across your larger muscle groups. From clearing grass and leaves to clearing gutters and storm drains, a backpack blower can make a lot of lawn maintenance significantly easier.

Of course, not all blowers are created equal, and the right Husqvarna leaf blower for some isn’t necessarily the best for all. While you can get more features on a more powerful model, unless you’re actively using them, it’s just spending more money than you need to.

In addition, a larger motor also means more fuel and more noise, a real problem in tight suburban areas that can put a limit on noise. Picking the right backpack blower should be a matter of personal choice; by knowing yourself, your work, and your surroundings, you can easily choose the best model for you.

Down below, we’ve got a few of Husqvarna’s best backpack blowers, each designed to fill a different niche for different people, but both built to Husqvarna’s high-quality standards.

#1 – Husqvarna 350BT Gas Powered Backpack Blower

Husqvarna 965877502 350BT 1.6 kW 50.2 cc 7500 rpm 180 MPH Backpack Leaf Blower

Designed with the homeowner in mind, this mid-size Husqvarna’s 360BT model of backpack blower covers all of your major bases. Your power source is going to be a 50cc 2 stroke motor that Husqvarna’s improved on with their X-Torq design, adding in an airflow system that cycles burnt gas out of your cylinder between fuel injections.

While it may seem like a trivial detail, this simple Husqvarna standard improvement actually improves efficiency and cuts harmful emissions in half, helping you get the most out of each tank of gas. What this means for you is that you’re getting a top speed out of your Blower of about 180 miles per hour, although if you don’t feel like using it all the way, the power can be adjusted down to something more manageable.

With this motor, you’re going to have more than enough power to take care of most residential and professional jobs, all without breaking the bank. Besides just the motor, you’re getting a complete harness system that spreads the motor’s weight between your shoulders and your hips, thanks to the padded hip belt, and keeps everything sturdy on a low-vibration mount. This way, even younger or older people can use this Blower without being weighed down or put uncomfortably off balance, even for long jobs.

You’ve also got a soft-grip ergonomic adjustable handle with a throttle control, so you can get the most possible support out of your harness without hampering your grip. For particularly long work, you can even set your fan speed to a constant with the cruise control, saving your trigger finger and making the whole process even easier on your body. At any age, you can easily use the Husqvarna 350BT to help keep your property neat and tidy, making it the best Husqvarna backpack Blower for private use on the market today.

If you find this product intriguing and want to know more about it, we also wrote an in-depth overview of the Husqvarna 350BT model. You’ll find out about its additional features and if this tool is right for you.

#2 – Husqvarna 560BTS Backpack Blower

560BTSIf, however, you find that you need a more powerful Husqvarna Blower for tougher projects, you may want to move up to the Husqvarna 560BTS Blower instead. What you’re getting here is a larger motor (66 cc) that’s still 2-stroke and improved with Husqvarna’s X-Torq technology, giving you blowing speeds of up to 232 miles per hour.

You’re also getting a fuel tank that’s nearly twice as large, letting you take care of commercial and professional-sized jobs without having to stop and refuel.

What you aren’t getting on the Husqvarna 560BTS are a belt harness or a purge valve, so the extra power does come as a bit of a trade; however, you do get a much stronger filtration system on the 560BTS, so anybody working in areas with a lot of dirt and dust in the air won’t have to worry about changing out air filters nearly as often.

You can read much more about the 560 backpack blower version in our objective review.

Conclusion – 350BT for Homeowners, 560BTS for Professionals

With its added comfort features and more manageable motor, the Husqvarna 350 is much more suited to jobs you’d need to do around your home, and at nearly a hundred dollars cheaper than the 560BTS, it should probably be your go-to model for private use. However, if you’re a professional, the added horsepower and the much larger fuel tank would definitely be up your alley, especially when working with wet leaves or grass that can put a strain on lesser Blowers.

Of course, it really does come down to what your needs are, and you’re really the best judge of that; if you’ve got a large property with a lot of deciduous trees, you may find it’s worth it to spend the extra money for the extra power. As a general rule, though, most of the work a homeowner would need to do can be covered with a 350BT, while the extra power of the 560BTS works best in the hands of professionals.

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