The Best 4 Cycle Backpack Leaf Blower

makita-B001DR9JH4-1-lg4-cycle leaf Blowers have grown in popularity in recent years for a number of good reasons.  They are easier for a layman to use since one does not have to prepare a 50-1 gas to 2-cycle oil ratio mix to get it to run. This saves time, and the hassle of storing the oil and gas mixture separately.  You can pour gas right in as you would a car, and the same goes with the oil.

A 4-stroke leaf Blower also tends to be more fuel-efficient, and more quiet than the more powerful 2-cycle variety, and easier to operate and maintain.  While they may not be a solution for a professional landscaper, they are more than powerful enough to do the job for those who want to tend to their own yards.

Top Rated 4 Cycle Leaf Blower

Here is a look at two of the better 4-cycle Blowers that are available today, that you may want to consider if you are in the market for one. Made by two very strong brands in the outdoor landscape market, the Makita and Troy-Bilt are two powerhouses not to ignore.

#1 – Makita 75.6cc 4-Stroke Backpack Blower

This 4-cycle backpack leaf Blower has a very clean burning 4-stroke motor that is EPA-compliant.  It operates quietly, and efficiently, and has a maximum air speed of 195 mph and a maximum air volume of 526 cubic feet per minute.  This unit has a decompression system that makes it easy for anyone to start.

The oil port and the drain plugs are easy to reach, making maintenance of the unit a breeze.  It also features a large capacity air filter.  This air filter helps with dust control and will extend the life of the engine for many years.  This 4-stroke leaf Blower is made compact and lightweight, as it weighs in at just over 22 pounds.

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Shoulder straps for this unit are wide and heavily padded, and a back panel makes it more comfortable for the user when doing those longer jobs. To read a full review of this Makita model, click through here.

#2 – Troy-Bilt 32cc 4-Cycle Backpack Blower

This Troy-Bilt model also packs a good deal of power with a high-torque design that can output 500 cfm and 150 mph air flow.  This is also an easy unit to start as the engine has SpringAssist technology and JumpStart capability.

The JumpStart technology is sold separately and allows the unit to be started without even having to pull the cord.  This 4-stroke Blower has a long and very flexible tube for air direction, and it is made with operator comfort first in mind.

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The patented Coolflex backpack harness has straps with comfortable padding, and they allow cool air to circulate directly to the back of the person using it.  Because this is also a 4-stroke leaf Blower, there is no need to mix oil and gas, making it much easier for a layman to maintain and operate.  This unit has a cruise control feature that makes it ideal for those longer jobs.

This 4-stroke Blower is made lightweight, as it tips the scales at just over 21 pounds, so it can be used by almost any adult with ease. A more in-depth look at the Troy-Bilt can be found here.

The Bottom Line

The Makita 4-Stroke Backpack Blower model gets the top reviews from actual users of the two 4-stroke leaf Blowers.  It has more power than the Troy-Bilt model, and gets good marks for starting on the first pull the majority of the time.  It also gets good marks for being quiet, and not having the smells of gas and oil one associates with 2-stroke leaf Blowers.

If there are a few drawbacks to this unit, they involve problems with the valve system.

The Troy-Bilt 4-Cycle Backpack Blower unit also gets mostly stellar reviews for power and reliability, as well as ease of use.  Those who had problems with the unit complained of the unit quitting and not restarting after a few hours of use.  It also gets good marks for being lightweight, easy to maneuver, and having adequate power to get most jobs done.

If you have a large yard, with lots of leaves to push around in the fall, either one of these 4-cycle Blowers is capable of doing the job, but do keep in mind the Makita model has a bit more air power.  Both are made by name brands that are proven to produce quality products.  Both are 4-cycle Blowers, and that means there will not have to be any mixes of oil and gas, that if not done in the correct manner, can damage the engines of a unit can cost the user time and money.

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