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Ryobi Refurbished RY08420 Backpack Blower Review

If you happen to be on a budget, you may find that buying a new backpack Blower may be out of your price range. You wouldn’t be wrong to think that, either; some of your nicer models can run upwards of four hundred dollars, and while they’ll do everything you could ever want in a backpack Blower, it’s still more than you want to spend.

On the other end of the spectrum, you may be looking at some bargain-basement products, but immediately stop when you see their negative reviews. What you need is a real tested piece that gives you all the power you need without breaking your wallet in half; fortunately, the refurbished Ryobi RY08420 is right up your alley, costing half as much as a new Blower in a well-tested package.

What’s So Great About Refurbished?

First off, a refurbished model is a lot like buying a used car, only with much more of a guarantee. With a refurbished Ryobi RY08420 Blower, you’re going to see a bit of cosmetic damage, but don’t be afraid; all the important internal components have been looked over and repaired to Ryobi’s factory specifics. Just to make sure you’re still satisfied, your Blower will come with a one year warranty, so if anything isn’t working, you don’t just have to scrap your new purchase; simply take it to one of Ryobi’s licensed dealers and get it repaired or replaced.

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Once it gets going, you’ll find that this Ryobi backpack Blower packs more than enough punch to do even the toughest jobs. What you’re getting is a 42cc motor that’s capable of putting out 185 mile per hour blowing speeds spread out over a solid, contoured harness that still only weighs 18 pounds.

However, just going by the numbers isn’t enough; with Ryobi, you’re also getting a product from a company with a good eye for detail. Not only was the engine designed to put a lot of air down a tube, but also to do it efficiently; rather than making a 90 degree bend between the engine and the blowing arm, this Ryobi backpack leaf Blower puts the engine parallel to the ground, knocking out a kink in the system and letting the arm point more naturally to the floor.

That, combined with the cruise control trigger operated throttle, means that not only is this Blower easy to use, but it’s comfortable enough that just about anybody can use it. It makes hard jobs easy and easy jobs nearly effortless, and it’s so simple that your Ryobi backpack Blower can’t ever get in the way.

Who Could Use the Ryobi Blower?s-l1000

Pretty much anybody who needs to move a lot of light debris from point A to point B could make use of the Ryobi 42cc backpack Blower, and because its a cheaper refurbished model, anybody can afford it.

Not just for moving leaves, this Ryobi Blower is also a great backpack Blower for grass clippings both wet and dry, moving small amounts of mulch, cleaning up stray dust from wood chippers, and just generally cleaning up around your property.

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If you happen to have a bigger property, so much the better; even for routine lawn care, the Ryobi is head and shoulders above regular hand tools, and much easier to maneuver than a hand Blower. Even professionals on a budget can get behind this Blower, because it’s rugged enough and powerful enough to do anything a landscaping job would require, yet comfortable enough not to tire you out. Whatever your age, whatever your need, and whatever your skill level, this backpack Blower will take care of most of your major jobs with no problem.

Should You Buy the Ryobi Leaf Blower?

Buying refurbished gear can be a crapshoot, but not in the case of the Ryobi 42cc. When you combine the fact that it’s a good solid Blower by itself with the fact that the refurbished model comes with a one year warranty, it’s a pretty safe way to save some cash. Because of the light weight, low cost, and easy control you get from this unit, it really is one of the best leaf Blowers for older customers who may not have the strength to comfortably carry a heavier pack, yet still want to keep their property clean.

While professionals can get some use out of this, they may upgrade to a new model as soon as they can afford it. However, the Ryobi 42cc backpack Blower is one used item that you can feel confident taking a chance on.

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