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Unveiling the Most Powerful Backpack Blower - Husqvarna 560BTS - Best Backpack Blower Guide
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Unveiling the Most Powerful Backpack Blower - Husqvarna 560BTS - Best Backpack Blower Guide

Unveiling the Most Powerful Backpack Blower – Husqvarna 560BTS

downloadSometimes, you need a big backpack leaf Blower for big jobs; not just the kind of jobs that take up a lot of space, but the kind of jobs where the debris is a little heavier.

There’s too much to rake, and your regular handheld Blowers either can’t handle the task or weigh you down at an odd angle, causing you to stop every five minutes to re-adjust your arm.

What you need isn’t just a more powerful Blower, but a more comfortable, easy to use Blower that packs incredible power into a manageable package. Whether you’re a homeowner with a lot of property or a professional who needs a tool they can count on, you’ll find that the Husqvarna 560BTS is probably the most powerful backpack Blower you’ve ever used, a Blower that’s tough enough to comfortably take on even the toughest jobs.

Why More Power is Better for a Back Pack Leaf Blower


When you need the most powerful leaf Blower, it isn’t just for show; in fact, it can mean that your situation is a little more urgent than you thought. Your standard Blowers will work well enough on dry plant matter like grass, leaves, and mulch, so you shouldn’t have any problem there. However, when these things get wet, they can all get much heavier and much, much more solid.

When they get wet, leaves and heavy grass clippings clump together and form a barrier between your lawn and the air, blocking out sunlight and water, as well as becoming the kind of moist, dark environment that breeds fungi. In short, they take all the nutrients out of your soil and slowly but surely kill the grass underneath.

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Rather than having to re-weed and re-seed every season, it makes more sense to have a heavy duty Blower on hand to stop this kind of problem before it starts. In the same vein, clumped wet leaves can block any kind of moisture from moving through, causing a lot of headaches for storm drains and drain grates.

With a powerful Blower like the Husqvarna 560BTS, you can easily cut through these clumps, allowing water to drain through both of these, keeping the water flowing and making sure your gutters don’t break under the extra weight. Read our full and dedicated review of the 560BTS here.

husqvarnaAnother popular use for your leafBlower is to use it as a small snow Blower, saving you the trouble of shoveling or excessive salting. Again, your normal handheld Blowers will do just fine with powdery mixes, but run into trouble when the snow becomes slush. This should actually be where your main focus lies; slush turns into solid sheets of ice much more quickly than powder, which can be incredibly dangerous for anyone walking on it.

By hitting the slush with a high-power Blower, you can keep the ice from forming and use significantly less salt, a real advantage for your lawn; excess salt can get into your grass and suck up the moisture, making it much harder for grass to grow. With a high-power Blower, you can take care of both wet and dry mixes, giving you many more options than you could get on other handheld models.

The Husqvarna 560BTS

The Husqvarna 560BTS was designed to bring a lot of blowing power to bear. For starters, you’re getting a 65.6cc 2-stroke engine with Husqvarna’s X-Torq technology, designed to cycle out burnt fuel gas between strokes and increase your Blower’s efficiency.

The result is wind speeds of up to 232 miles per hour, more than enough to cut through even stubborn grass and leaves. Fortunately, all this power is incredibly easy to get going; just like all Husqvarna backpack Blowers, you prime the engine with the purge bulb, close the choke, pull the starter knob, and then open the choke back up.

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maxresdefaultMaintenance of the engine is fairly simple as well; like all 2 stroke engines, there’s no need for a separate oil tank, so the entire design is incredibly simple, incredibly powerful, and much lighter than its 4 stroke counterparts.

Of course, you want to be able to keep it on your back as well. Fortunately, the Husqvarna 560bts backpack setup is designed to evenly distribute your weight over your shoulders. To keep you nice and centered, the Blower nozzle runs down your side and can be controlled with the throttle on the ergonomic handle.

If you find you’ve got a particularly long job, you can set your throttle to a “cruise control” as well, keeping your trigger finger from tiring out. While you are still carrying a big engine on your back, the 560BTS is designed to make your jobs as comfortable and effortless as possible. This model is easily 1 of our top 2 favorite Husqvarna models.

Conclusion? A Great Power Blower

Like we said before, a high-power leaf Blower backpack gives you options you wouldn’t have had before, and the 560BTS from Husqvarna puts all that power in a package you can easily control. Cutting edge technology and Husqvarna’s good name help make the 560bts the best gas Blower for both homeowners and professionals on the market today. It’s one incredibly tough Blower, perfect for any big clearing job you can imagine.

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