Makita BHX2500CA Handheld Blower Review

While backpack Blowers may pack a lot of power into a comfortable package, they may not always be the best tool for every job or every body. Particularly in cases where maneuverability is tight and storage is tighter, a good hand held Blower can actually be much more suited to light around-the-house jobs than its more powerful backpack counterpart.

Of course, like any good piece of equipment, having the right hand held Blower can make the difference between buying a useful product or another piece of clutter in your garage. This is where the Makita BHX2500 commercial-grade hand held Blower comes in, putting professional power in the hands of homeowners and professional landscapers alike. With less weight and a more manageable blowing speed that still packs a solid punch, the Makita hand held Blower can easily find its niche in yard work of all kinds of applications.

The Makita Hand Held Blower

From the first time you pick it up, you’re going to know that the Makita BHX2500 is something different. With one of the lowest weights in its class at just under ten pounds combined with a 17.7 ounce gas tank, you already know that you’ll be able to use this Blower for as long as your job requires. Once you turn it on, however, you’ll find even more to love. Operating the Makita BHX2500 is simple and intuitive; to turn it on, just open the choke, prime the engine with the primer pump, pull the starter handle, and you’re ready to go.

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While you can operate the Blower just by pulling the trigger, it’s also possible to simply switch on the cruise control option, giving you a precise speed over a larger area, perfect for blowing away debris without taking garden plants or grass with them. The four-stroke 24.5cc motor can put out Blower speeds of over 140 miles per hour yet, thanks to the softer grip, doesn’t feel like it’s constantly trying to buck out of your hands.

Makita-BHX2500CA-2In that same vein, you won’t feel like this hand held Blower is trying to blow out your eardrums or your nose either; with a high-capacity muffler that eases operation sound down to 67 db and a design that meets EPA and CARB standards for emissions, you won’t need to worry about your sound or smell bothering you, your neighbors, or the environment.

If you have to refuel, it’s not a hassle; since you’re using a four-stroke engine, there’s no need to make a fuel mixture, so filling up is as simple as putting more gas in the tank. Once you’re done, you’ll also find that maintenance is easy as well; your dual-stage air filter is visible and simple to replace, your oil drains out the same way it pours in, and you can quickly get to your spark plug to change it out as well.

From start to finish, your Makita hand held Blower is designed to be user friendly, perfect for homeowners or anybody who just wants a set-and-forget Blower that won’t let them down.

Conclusion? A More Precise Blower

If you have a yard, a garden, or a handful of deciduous trees on your property, you can really benefit from owning a hand held Blower like the Makita BHX2500. Aside from the obvious job of being a hand held leaf Blower, this Blower can also take care of grass clippings, pulled weeds, wood chips, and mulch with the same kind of ease.

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Of course, the Makita’s lower power and increased maneuverability can be even more helpful here; at a lower setting, you can blow weeds and clippings out of your garden without taking your living plants with it, move grass clippings without disturbing living grass, and move leaves without blowing brown patches into your lawn. It’s the real controlled power that makes this such a great system.

The Makita BHX2500 also really shines for homeowners who don’t want a complicated machine, nor can they justify buying a full backpack Blower. It’s simple to use, easy to maintain, and tough enough to do whatever it needs to do.

If you’re truly looking for a Makita backpack Blower variety, try the BBX7600N.

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