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Makita BBX7600N 4 Stroke Backpack Blower Review - Best Backpack Blower Guide
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Makita BBX7600N 4 Stroke Backpack Blower Review - Best Backpack Blower Guide

Makita BBX7600N 4 Stroke Backpack Blower Review

Makitabbx7600 is a globally renowned name in the world of professional and consumer power tools, and we should point out from the very start that Makita leaf Blowers stand out as top products of its niche.

The company has a reputation and year of spotless record to maintain, hence their every product comes with high-quality standards and certificates. Reliable, sturdy and powerful, that’s what these folks are all about. When it comes to homeowners with big yards and lots of debris/leaves, or landscape professionals with scores of homes to care for, a reliable backpack leaf Blower is extremely important.

Thus, we’d like to get down to one specific product we consider to be a top Makita Blower, the Makita BBX7600N 75.6 CC 4-Stroke Backpack Blower. If you’re looking for one of the best, look no further, as we feel confident enough to say this unit is one of our 3 favorite to buy. It’s continued success stories and extremely high ratings make this an easy one to describe.

Makita BBX7600N Backpack Blower Features

The device sports a very powerful 75.6 cc 4-stroke commercial duty engine capable of delivering high air volume of 526 CFM and a total air speed of whopping 195 mph (315 kmh). The product is a bit on the heavy side with a total weight of nearly 23 pounds, but is still fairly light when the total power output is considered.

This 4 stroke leaf Blower also features a large capacity air filter that is easy to replace, as well as a large capacity muffler to ensure a quieter mode of operation. The engine uses a 64 oz fuel tank and allows up to 80 minutes of non-stop operation, which is high mark for a product of this type. Speaking of which, this Makita backpack Blower utilizes unleaded gas and is capable of preserving it at a fair rate, making the BBX7600N a fairly eco-friendly device.

  • Durability

One of the factors that place this Makita among the top rated leaf Blowers is its durability. The device is very sturdy not only when it comes to engine durability, but casing durability as well. The BBX7600N is more than capable of sustaining a decent amount of standard minor damage and will likely serve you for long periods of time without any special maintenance.

  • Specifications

To give you a clear picture of the product and its features, we’ll bring you with the full official list of specifications and details to create a full picture:

  • Air Velocity : 195 MPH
  • Air Volume : 526 CFM
  • Crank Case Capacity : 7.4 oz.
  • Engine Displacement (cc) : 75.6 cc
  • Power (7,000 RPM) : 3.8 HP
  • Engine Speed : 7,200 RPM
  • Fuel Type : Unleaded gas
  • Fuel Tank Capacity : 64.2 oz.
  • Sound Pressure : 74 dB (A)
  • Overall Length : 13-3/4″
  • Dry Weight : 22.6 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight : 29 lbs.

Pros and Cons of the Gas Makita Blower

To round up our thoughts on this 4 stroke Blower, we’ll sum up its pros and cons.

On the plus side, this is a very powerful, durable, and high-quality product. The strength it offers secures maximum performance and allows you to clean those leaves with ease with a blink of an eye. It is fairly fuel efficient and very durable. In general, it’s one of those investments that most certainly pay off, if you are in need of a top-notch product in this department.

downloadFor those concerned about the economic footprint this unit leaves, rest assured that this Makita leaf Blower equals or exceeds EPA and Carb exhaust regulations.

At 23 lbs, this is no slouch, but it does contain reinforced padded should straps with breathable back panels with support for the back and neck area.

On the down side, well, it is a pricey item. To be fair, many backpack Blowers are because of the nature of what they must provide the user, however the quality the gas Blower offers is more than worth it. So here’s a question – are you looking for a powerful high-end 4 stroke leaf Blower? If the answer is yes, by all means do proceed with your purchase, they don’t get any better than this, as Makita and Husqvarna about as good as it gets when it comes to gas back pack Blowers.

Also, a word of caution – leaf Blowers are noisy devices, and although this product’s noise output has been severely reduced by a muffler, it’s still more than capable of damaging your hearing. Therefore, buy yourself a pair of headband hearing protectors to go along with the Blower. It’s just about $20 extra, not an amount worth gambling your health over.


If you want to know what are the top rated leaf Blowers on today’s market, we’re glad to say that Makita BBX7600N isn’t only among highest-rated, but among best leaf Blowers money can buy. If a high-end device is what you need, we believe you ought to buy this baby, it’ll make you very happy.

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