Husqvarna 560BTS Gas Powered Backpack Blower Review

560BTSA powerful backpack Blower made for commercial uses, this Husqvarna 560BTS can handle all of the most demanding of tasks faced by professionals and laymen alike.

For those looking for a more powerful unit than a battery-operated unit, or an underpowered 4-stroke engine, this is one of the better solutions you will find.  In fact, it’s our pick as the most powerful backpack Blower on the market due to many reasons you’ll find below. We also feel it’s in the top 2 for Husqvarna models across the board. To tack onto the list of awards, it falls inside our top 3 best backpack Blowers on the market.

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It can handle the tougher jobs, and the stress and strain that can be expected from commercial use.  It also works just as well on finesse jobs where brute blowing strength is not required.  Read on and find out what this Husqvarna leaf Blower can do for you, and if it is the right gas powered leaf Blower for the jobs you need to get done.

Features of this 560BTS by Husqvarna

This Husqvarna leaf Blower has a number of features that make it stand out in the crowd, and it is designed for the comfort of the operator.  Here is a closer look at this gas powered leaf Blower.

The Husqvarna 560BTS is powered by a 65.6cc X-Torq engine that provides for an amazing 632 cfm of air speed and 232 mph of air power.  This is one of the best performance ratings you will find for a 2-stroke leaf Blower.  Once you get home with this unit, you will find everything in one neat package, and if you follow the instructions closely it will be up and running in as little as 15 minutes.  Even with this amount of power, this unit produces less emissions than most 2-stroke engines, and is more fuel efficient.

Using This Husqvarna Leaf Blower

0800656b-55f8-4b71-95bc-2e4c3af4d6baThis is an easy to start unit.  Set the thumb throttle control to mid to low, and set the choke on the backpack.  Most users have found it will start on the first pull when set up in this manner.

Once started, the user can easily adjust the air flow for what the job calls for.  The throttle can easily be shifted from a light blow around an area of mulch to a hurricane force air flow to clear a driveway in just a matter of seconds.

This best gas leaf Blower is heavier than most at 25 pounds.  The straps are well padded, and the design helps to support it well, but this is not a backpack Blower for those who do not have at least some amount of strength.

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Backpack Blower reviews have been impressed with the 2-stage air intake system of this Husqvarna  560BTS.  This makes it ideal for use in dusty conditions for long periods of time.  Other features include a side vented frame, and an ergonomic handle.

Wet leaves are not a problem for this gas powered leaf Blower, and it can even be effective in clearing snow before it has become really packed.  This unit has the cruise control feature that comes in handy for long jobs where a constant speed is required to finish up.

The Bottom Line

husqvarna-560bfs-owners-manual-3044fbd_5_b126180eIf you purchase this Husqvarna leaf Blower along with three 32-ounce cans of pre-fuel mix made by Husqvarna, consumer warranties will be extended from two to four years.  If you are not using it for commercial purposes, this is a great deal as you are going to need these supplies as you continue to blow through gas and oil over the summer, fall and into the winter months.

This gas powered leaf Blower gets rave reviews for power, ease of start-up, and reliability.  The few people that had problems with it reported failure of the ignition coil in start-up, and the heaviness of the exhaust fumes when used in the summer months when it is very hot.  Others had problems handling it because it is relatively heavy when compared to other top rated leaf Blowers on the market today.

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But these problems are really few and far between.  This unit has most of the features of the more expensive Husqvarna 570BTS model, and for a price that is much more reasonable.  The user will have to prepare a 50-1 gas to oil ratio mix to run, so it is not a unit made for a casual user.  But if you need extra power for a large job, or have a professional landscaping service, this is one tool that should be in your arsenal.

Husqvarna has a number of other gas powered Blowers that will perform as admirably as this one, but if you want the best of the best, no need to look elsewhere than the 560BTS.

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