Husqvarna 350BT Gas Powered Backpack Blower Review

If you are a professional landscaper, or just someone with a large yard you need to get under control, you607e650e may be in the market for a high quality, leaf Blower backpack.  The best backpack Blower on the market today has plenty of power while being easy to use with reduced emissions.  Plenty of features and a lightweight unit are also high on the list of those looking for a gas powered Blower.

Here is one gas powered Blower by Husqvarna you should take a look at.

Husqvarna 350BT Midsize Back Pack Blower

This Husqvarna 350BT 50.2cc 2-Cycle X-Torq Gas Powered 180 MPH Midsize Back Pack Blower is a lightweight unit, and it has an integrated backpack harness making it easy to carry.  One of the more comfortable harnesses you will find, it is designed to reduce the load on your back and it is ventilated and has a hip belt and wide shoulder straps.

This gas powered Blower is lighter than most on the market, as it tips the scales at just over 22 pounds.  This helps make it easier for the landscaping professional to use for hours at a time without becoming fatigued.  This leaf Blower backpack also has a handle with an adjustable soft grip so it can be more easily maneuvered.

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This backpack Blower is powered by a 2.1-horsepower X-Torque engine that is very fuel efficient and does not produce as much harmful emissions as other backpack Blowers on the market.  The Husqvarna 350 is CARB-compliant, and it has an adjustable fan speed that can be changed for easier handling, and an air purge that removes oxygen from the carburetor and the fuel system, making starting the unit a breeze.

350 SplitThis Husqvarna 50.2cc 2-cycle professional gas backpack leaf Blower can generate up to 7500 rpm, and that translates to wind speeds of up to 180 mph – more than enough power and speed to get rid of the most stubborn of yard waste.  The engine of this 350BT generates more power than a conventional 2-stroke engine while using about 20% less in fuel, and it puts out up to 60% fewer emissions as well.

This leaf Blower backpack also has even more going for it.  This unit is not nearly as noisy as other 2-stroke leaf Blowers, and it has a decibel rating of 104 dB, so it will not offend your ears, nor the ears of your neighbors.

The Husqvarna 350BT also has a high volume, 42.27 ounce gas tank that can sustain it for several hours of use.  This means you can do several hours of work in between having to mix oil and gas to refill the unit.  Backpack Blower reviews have also noted that this unit has a cruise-control fan speed that is constant, and that allows the user to do big jobs without having to regulate the Blower speed.  If you are the owner of a sprawling property that needs to be landscaped with care, this is one of the better options available to you in leaf Blower backpacks.

We particularly recommend this model for homeowners and feel it’s one of the top 2 models Husqvarna makes. It also falls in our overall top 3 backpack leaf Blowers to buy.

The Bottom Line With the Husqvarna Leaf Blower

This Husqvarna 350 comes with a 2-year warranty, so it know it is made with quality by one of the oldest and most trusted companies in the world.  The powerful 2-stroke engine generates 7500 rpm and wind speeds of up to 180 mph, more than enough to clear most anything in your way.

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husqvarna-feat-Blower-350bt-backpack-lgThe integrated shoulder harness distributes the weight of this unit evenly, making it easy for almost anyone to use it comfortably.  It features a hip belt that is designed to fit the contour of the user’s body.  This leaf Blower backpack is easy to start, and users have found it starts consistently on the 2nd or 3rd pull.

The gas tank is large enough to take care of large jobs without having to stop and mix oil and gas to refill the tank, costing time, and it uses less fuel than a conventional 2-stroke engine, up to 20% less.  This unit also produces fewer harmful emissions than other leaf Blowers, so it is safe for the environment, making it one of the best backpack leaf Blowers available.

The Husqvarna 50.2cc 2-cycle professional gas backpack leaf Blower is an excellent choice for professional landscapers who must finish several yards daily in order to keep up with demand, or the homeowner who has a large piece of property that needs to be kept in order.  It is reliable enough and powerful enough to get the job done for both.

For the value you’re receiving with this unit, we feel this is the top rated gas Blower on the market. Of course, Husqvarna makes other models that are extremely well crafted and suitable for your needs.

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