Echo PB-580T Backpack Blower Review - Best Backpack Blower Guide

Echo PB-580T Backpack Blower Review

This Echo PB-580T review will look at all the pros and cons of this backpack leaf blower and educate you so that you can make an informed decision. This gas backpack leaf blower makes maneuvering around the yard to handle the leaf piles much easier, and you won’t tire out as quickly because you don’t have to lug around a heavy leaf blower with your arms.

Echo PB-580T

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Echo PB-580T – Features

In this Echo PB-580T review, first let’s take a look at some of the features of this backpack blower. For example, you have a leaf blower that delivers an output of 215 mph and 510 CFM. To sum it up, that’s professional grade performance. It’d work equally as well as equipment for a landscaping company because you won’t tire out as quickly while using it. The padded straps keep your shoulders comfortable during use, and the vented backrest keeps you from feeling sweaty at the end of the job on a hot and muggy day.

This leaf blower features a two-stroke engine, and the durable design means you can transport it around the yard without feeling too encumbered. The materials from this product consists of plastic, but it accomplishes the job packed with power and blows objects around the yard with ease. Some of the valuable features you will receive with this backpack leaf blower includes:

  • Translucent tank to keep an eye on the fuel tank levels.
  • Leaf guard to stop leaves from clogging the blower intake and overheating.
  • You have a manual start-up for efficiency.
  • Metal wear ring closer to the end of the tube to prevent overheating.
  • Air filter to promote filtration and lengthen the engine life.
  • Includes a five-year warranty.

Echo PB-580T Review: The Pros

You should feel impressed at the five year warranty on the Echo PB-580T because a short lifetime plagues many of the leaf blower products in this industry. Customers will often raise complaints about how their leaf blower lasted one year before problems with performance. At the second year, it quit working altogether.

Another area of praise for this leaf blower lies in the ease of assembly. You don’t have to have much technical knowledge to put this one together, and the lower price tag makes it a steal. Backpack leaf blowers tend to have a higher price tag over some of the other types because you can move around the yard without needing to take a break halfway through the work.

With some leaf blowers, you also have to pick the right day to do it because fall rains can make blowing leaves around the yard next to impossible as they’re weighted down with water. The Echo PB-580T, however, does this without issue. As long as the leaves haven’t been frozen to the ground after a hard frost, you will still have the option to work.

  • Ease of assembly.
  • Simple to maintain.
  • Starts every time without hesitation.
  • Pumps out plenty of air to accomplish the task.


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Echo PB-580T Review: The Cons

This leaf blower does a professional job at keeping the yard clean and giving you enough power to do it with. What could go wrong with it? Here’s some of the most common complaints we have heard about this leaf blower. For example, one happy customer said he loved how it started every time without a problem, but he wished it made less noise.

Especially when you live in a neighborhood with noise ordinance laws, you may want to check up on the most appropriate times to use it. In general, however, most leaf blowers do emit too much sound, which is why this isn’t necessarily a deal breaker.

While this is a backpack leaf blower which makes it easier to handle, some of the people of senior age might have a harder time with lifting it. Also, because it weighs a bit, it can feel somewhat awkward hefting it up on your back. In addition, if you want to restart it, you will have to remove it from your back.

  • Significantly louder than other backpack blowers.
  • Heavier than average.
  • Warranty made void for professionals.

What to Know about This Product

The manufacturers advertise this as a professional leaf blower, but this Echo PB-580T review scores it a little lower on the scale for that. Not only that, if you use this for professional use where you earn money, you void the warranty. To clean out a large driveway or patio, the power from this leaf blower can displace even small to medium-sized stones that have made it onto the shoulder of the driveway. An advantage of this being a gas blower is how you tend to push out more power than what you might with an electric leaf blower. It’s a great choice for those who have lots of acreage, and if you have a dozen trees, you can clean out from under them easily and without a problem.


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A lot of people have commented on the high quality of this machine. For example, they had zero problems with getting this leaf blower to start, and it was also easy to use. If you’re looking for a great backpack leaf blower, this one comes at a more affordable price. One person talked about how this has helped them with cleaning 3.5 acres of land, so you can make heavy-duty use out of this. This blower has been well made, and it doesn’t burn through as much fuel so that you can accomplish the task at hand. Let us know how this backpack blower worked for you!

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