Echo PB-500T Backback Blower Review

A good rule of thumb when buying a backpack Blower for home use is to take an honest look at what you PB-500Tneed it to do.While every dealer will tell you a different story, you’re probably going to gravitate toward one of two ends of the spectrum; a Blower that’s either affordable and durable, or high-end and designed for maximum power.

In nine cases out of ten, you’re probably going to be fine with a model that’s affordable, easy to maintain, and simple to operate, especially if you live in the suburbs on a half-acre lot.

However, you do need to be careful; with a lot of unknown companies, “affordable” is just another term for “cheap”; this, however, is not the case with the PB-500T Backpack Blower from Echo, an American-born company with a forty year track record of quality products. True to their high standards, the Echo PB-500BT stands out as a strong choice for a private citizen who wants to buy a basic backpack Blower without breaking the bank.

The PB500-T Blower

The words of the day when talking about the Echo 500T are durability and simplicity; this model is built to take anything you can dish out and do so right out of the box. For durability, the heavy-duty L frame is solid as a rock, designed to support the whole of the Blower’s weight in storage. Particularly for the seasonal user, this is a real benefit; you can easily re-pack this model in a box, store it in your garage, and store other boxes on top of it without worrying about damage.

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As for simplicity, you’ve got a host of features designed to make use and maintenance as painless as possible. When the Echo PB-500 is out in the field, it performs admirably, using a 50cc professional grade engine, ergonomic throttle-mounted controls, and a cruise control setting, so you can easily move wet or dry grass and leaves, as well as light dustings of snow, without tiring your trigger finger out.

The integrated leaf guard is a nice touch as well, making sure that while your Blower is bringing in air to operate, it doesn’t get clogged with leaves or other debris that can lead to overheating. When it’s time to change out the air filter, something you should do every so often to keep your Blower running clean and efficient, the easily accessible auto-style filter on the Echo PB-500T is quick to change out, allowing even those of us who aren’t great with our hands to keep our Blower working at peak performance.

Like on most products, you can tell the difference between professionals and imitators by their commitment to the little details that make our lives, and our jobs, easier, and this Echo gas Blower, as well as Echo leaf Blowers in general, has those details covered.

Echo Leaf Blower Reviews

The reviews for the Echo PB-500T are mixed, but generally positive. Of the positive reviews, it’s praised as an all-around solid backpack Blower designed with the suburban family in mind, as well as a credit to Echo as a company.

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IMG_8438The negative reviews, however, all point to one problem, and fortunately for us, it’s quite an easy problem to work around. It’s a safe bet that when the Echo Leaf Blower reviews are negative, it’s about the carburetor seizing up after sitting with fuel mix for months on end, as well as all the problems that come with that.

The solution is incredibly simple on this one for the Echo Backpack Blower PB-500BT; simply drain the fuel on your Blower at the end of the season. This way, your oil and fuel mix won’t separate in storage, so your carburetor will stay fresh and your Blower will keep working well. If you’re a little more mechanically inclined, you can also remove the carburetor and clean it out yourself as well. With a little preventative maintenance, your Echo Blower will work just fine, no matter how often it’s used.

Conclusion? The Echo Gas Blower is a Great Economy Blower

While this Echo gas leaf Blower may not be the fanciest piece of equipment you’ve ever purchased, it’s a great choice for someone who just needs to use their Blower a few times a season. It’s tough, it’s simple, and with a little maintenance and the right attachments, this Echo Backpack Leaf Blower will take care of anything you’d need a Blower to do as a homeowner.

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