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Echo Backpack Blower PB-265L Review

Made for homeowners with large properties to care for, this Echo Backpack Blower PB-265L has the power they need to do the job quickly and efficiently. This Echo Blower is made by a company known for producing some of the best blowers on the market. Echo is also notorious for making products that function in the long run with little to no problems. Here is a closer look at one of their newer models, the Echo Backpack Blower PD-265L.  We’ll also find out what it has to offer to both owners of large properties and professional landscapers.

echo backpack blower pb-265l

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Top of the Line Features of Echo Backpack Leaf Blower

The Echo Engine

Echo’s PB-265L Backpack Leaf Blower has a 25.4cc engine that cranks out 355 cfm. On top of that, the machine is capable of producing 135 mph of air speed. This is enough to clear leaves and other yard debris with ease. The engine is certified by the EPA to its highest durability rating. It is also low-noise certified so it will not drive you and your neighbors crazy while you do your yard work.

If you are looking for something more powerful, the Echo PB-500T backpack blower is a similar model. However, what’s special about it is that it comes equipped with a 50cc professional grade engine.

Patented Starting Technology

The Echo Backpack Blower PB-265L also features an I-30 starter. This patented starter requires less than 30% of the pulling effort of a conventional leaf blower. Consequently, you will not wear yourself out just trying to get the engine started.

The Profire electronic ignition system makes starting the leaf blower fast and easy every single time. The design of the backpack was made with comfort in mind, as it has padded and adjustable shoulder straps and a padded backrest. This makes it ideal for undertaking those large jobs that will take the better part of a day to complete.

Miscellaneous Features

Other notable features of this best backpack leaf blower include an air filter that is heavy duty. It will work overtime to protect the vital components of the engine from harmful dust and debris that can shorten its life. This Echo Blower has a hip-mounted throttle control with a variable throttle, cruise control for those longer jobs, and a stop and start switch that is right where you need it to be.

What Echo Backpack Blower PB-265L Users Have to Say

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If you read up on Echo leaf Blower reviews, you will find that this unit gets very high marks for ease of use, and reliability from homeowners and commercial landscapers. It can take the normal wear and tear that commercial landscapers impose on it, and still work flawlessly. This model has been proven by the pros to be effective at clearing wet and dry leaves, grass clippings, and large debris.

You can rest assured that the Echo Backpack Blower PB-265L is made to last for years of faithful and flawless service since it comes with a 5-year warranty. It has a clearing power rating of 9, and it is proven to clear large debris with ease for owners of large properties or those who use it for commercial purposes. The Echo brand name has long been known to provide the best backpack leaf blowers, and this model is certainly no exception.

Nonetheless, the feature that clients appreciate the most is its silent activity. The Echo Backpack Blower PB-265L prefers to work without much fuss, unlike other models and brands. On top of that, this product doesn’t crush down on its users’ shoulders. Some Echo clients specifically mentioned that they took lightness as a priority, and this model didn’t disappoint them.

Staying within the same chapter of comfort, it is worth mentioning that the PB-265L model isn’t just any kind of backpack blower. On the contrary, users are also enjoying a hand-held engine. This way, the level of maneuverability is top-notch.

Reasons to Choose This Echo Model for Your Lawn

If you own a large piece of property that needs a great deal of work or your own landscaping business, you can’t go wrong with this Echo Backpack Blower PB-265L. It has plenty of power in a relatively small package with dimensions of 16” X 16” X 18″. The machine is easy to handle as it tips the scales at under 23 pounds, so it can be used by just about anyone.

It comes with a 5-year consumer warranty, which is one of the best offers you can find in the industry. Even when used at the highest of speeds, this Echo leaf Blower runs relatively quiet. As a result, it will not cause harm to your ears or those of your neighbors.

It starts fast and with ease, and has enough power to clean up even the biggest of messes. On top of that, it has been proven for years by professional landscapers that this model can take the wear, tear, abuse, and heavy use. Therefore, Echo Backpack Blower PB-265L will still work in a reliable manner after years of use.

This Echo Backpack leaf Blower has a heavy duty air filter that protects the engine and other vital parts from dust and debris that can be stirred up when this unit is in use. That ensures longer engine life and less money spent on maintenance.

The Bottom Line for the Echo Backpack Blower

All in all, with the 5-year consumer warranty, the proven brand name of Echo, and good Echo leaf Blower reviews, you can rest assured you are getting a good Echo Blower when you invest in this model. This machine also produces fewer emissions than a conventional 2-stroke engine, so it is better for the environment.

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