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Buyers LT20 Backpack Blower Rack Review

For a professional, appearance is everything. From the way you present yourself to the way you organize your work space, presenting the best side of yourself opens doors you wouldn’t have thought possible before. While this may sound like a white-collar statement, it’s equally true for landscapers and general contractors as well; the more prepared and professional you and your equipment look, the more likely it is that you can count on repeat business.

As such, having an organized trailer, both open and closed, can set you apart from rank-and-file work crews and give your clients the impression of a worker who really does know his business. While it’s easy to stow hand tools in a toolbox, coil your hoses, and allow free-standing mowers and woodchippers to stand on their own, your backpack Blower presents a bit of a problem; it’s too big for a toolbox and not solid enough to stay standing on its own while you drive your trailer. What it’s missing is a dedicated mounting system, something like the Buyer’s LT20 Backpack Blower Rack.

The Backpack Leaf Blower Rack

31QW06bvJSL._SY355_A simple idea with improved details, the LT20 is essentially a cross-bar mount that lets your backpack Blower hang vertically in place on a rubber-coated hook and spring latch. Made entirely out of black powder-coated steel, this mount easily screws at two separate points onto any open or enclosed trailer and suspends your Blower off the ground.

Installation is fairly simple; for open trailers, just screw the rack to the floor and rail of your trailer with the included mounting hardware, and for enclosed models, simply screw into two shim strips against your trailer’s wall. Once it’s on, the two-point suspension insures that your Blower remains safely in place while driving, not sliding across the floor or braced with other tools, but actually in its own designated space.

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Why A Rack?

Aside from the aesthetic appeal, having a rack for your Blower has plenty of other benefits you may not have considered. First off, the fact that your Blower isn’t sliding around all across your trailer means there’s much less chance of it breaking in transit. Rather than having to brace it with tools or tie it in place with Bungee cords, putting it on a secure rack keeps it securely in place even if it’s the only piece inside.

On the other end of the spectrum, getting your Blower off the ground and onto the wall frees up a lot of floor space, a must for overcrowded trailers and larger landscaping crews; by using your walls, you can really get the most out of your trailer’s square footage. Another reason you might not have considered is theft protection.

Particularly for small operations and open trailers, your Blower is a high-priced item that’s easy to steal from your trailer and hard to track back down. With a long padlock, you can easily lock your Blower to the rack, keeping your Blower safe both on and off the job site. For saving space and securing your Blower, the LT20 has got you covered in the best way possible.

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When talking about the Buyer’s LT20, the reviews are generally positive. Most customers say that this product does what it says it will and does it well, thanks to the rubber hook that keeps everything in place. Aside from a few customers who claimed they needed to drill new mounting holes for their specific trailers, the negative reviews all seem to center on holding the Blower a little too securely to the rack, making it slightly difficult to remove.

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