The 4 Best Shindaiwa Backpack Blowers on the Market

The 4 Best Shindaiwa Backpack Blowers on the Market

Shindaiwa manufactures some of the highest quality lawn and property maintenance equipment in the world. Their line of four Shindaiwa backpack blowers has one of the best reputations across the commercial community. Shindaiwa has a stellar reputation for excellence in workmanship.

Even the pair of cost-affordable, professional-grade models exceed industry standards for performance, quality workmanship, and durability. Shindaiwa backpack blowers use the largest cubic displacement engines available. Here is a breakdown of the features and specifications for the 4 quality Shindaiwa backpack blowers that the company has ever created for its customers.

1. Shindaiwa 58.2cc Backpack Blower – EB600RT

Shindaiwa 58.2cc Backpack Blower – Model Number EB600RT

This is the smallest of the four different Shindaiwa backpack blowers available on the market. It is reasonably priced, giving its appeal to the normal homeowner. It's also built using the rigorous Shindaiwa standards to meet the challenges of commercial jobs.

  • Shindaiwa model number EB600RT uses a professional grade 63.3cc 2-stroke engine power supply.
  • Fuel tank capacity is 62 fluid ounces, and it produces a maximum wind velocity of 216 MPH.
  • The backrest has durable padding using an anti-sweat material to keep your back comfortable.
  • Double padded shoulder straps prevent the blower from putting an unnecessary strain on your shoulders and back.
  • This model weighs less than 23 pounds, so it's easy to carry for the duration of a full fuel tank. As a result, you won't be worn out.
  • Customer reviews indicate this is a residential backpack blower built with Shindaiwa commercial quality. It outperforms other commercial-grade blowers that cost nearly twice as much.

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2. Shindaiwa 63.3cc Backpack Blower – EB633RT

The second largest model of Shindaiwa backpack blowers adds another 5cc power to generate more wind velocity. This version offers ease of control and weighs 25 pounds. Consequently, the great power won't wear you out. It is one of few backpack blowers manufactured for the standard homeowner in mind, but built with commercial-grade standards.

  • Shindaiwa powers Model EB633RT using a professional grade 63.3cc 2-stroke engine.
  • As with other models, they place the air filter in a top-mount position for durability and ease of service.
  • Speed controls are grouped conveniently for easy fingertip control, including the standard cruise control option for hands-free operation.
  • This Shindaiwa backpack blower is built according to professional-grade standards.
  • However, reviews indicate it is actually rated as a mid-level commercial blower. It will withstand the rigors of average commercial use.

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3. Shindaiwa Commercial 79.2cc Backpack Blower – EB802RT

EB802RT - Shindaiwa Commercial 79.2 cc Backpack Blower

Model EB802RT has another similar option, model number EB802. There is no difference in the specifications or the price. Both are built with commercial grade Shindaiwa quality control. This backpack blower has two different pipe designs that are part of each package.

  • The round tube produces a 210 MPH wind velocity. There is also a narrower turbo pipe that ramps up wind velocity over 30 MPH more.
  • The commercial models have a tube-mounted throttle control. Triggers are fingertip sensitive, including a cruise feature for large blowing projects.
  • Model EB802RT weighs 25 pounds, but the padded backrest and shoulder pads make it easy for you to carry for long jobs.
  • The 68.3 fluid ounce fuel tank is small enough not to add unnecessary extra weight. On the other hand, it is large enough so that you can finish large projects with refueling.
  • This commercial quality blower offers the same extra shoulder pads that have double adjustments for comfort.

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4. Shindaiwa Commercial 79.7cc 2/4 Stroke Technology Backpack Blower – EB854RT

The final model in the list of Shindaiwa backpack blowers has the largest power supply, plus offers the unique 2/4 stroke engine technology. Model EB854RT is a full commercial grade blower that can be operated using gas/oil mix, or standard gasoline.

  • The Shindaiwa 79.7cc offers both 2 and 4 stroke engine technology. This useful fuel alternative sacrifices less than 3 MPH of total maximum wind velocity. Owners of this model have the option of using standard gasoline, or 2-stroke engine mix.
  • Owners should add an inexpensive maintenance piece to this model to keep the fuel system clean. Part number 84004Y is a fuel system kit that takes less than 10 minutes to install. It helps prevent any clogs in the fuel line from alternating between fuel mix and straight gasoline.
  • Air volume using the round tube is an astonishing 735 cubic feet per minute. This model includes the turbo tube that sacrifices minimal air volume, but produces a max wind velocity of 213 MPH.
  • Model EB854RT weighs a couple of pounds more than the smaller models. Nonetheless, it's still lightweight enough to be carried with comfort. It has the same extra back padding and shoulder cushioning.
  • At the end of the quick-connect flexible tube is the same ergonomically positioned throttle control. You won't have to reach for the trigger. As you move on the job, the tube and throttle move with you.
  • As part of the throttle mechanism, Shindaiwa has a unique hush mode. This is a header sensor that keeps the blower from overheating from clogging and helps a quiet operation.

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The Bottom Line

Shindaiwa backpack blowers are a dependable, industry standard asset. Each of the pairs of professional rated blowers meets commercial grade requirements. All Shindaiwa blowers have a unique metal ring at the end of the blower tube to stop unnecessary deterioration from touching the ground.

No matter how much work you expect out of your blower, these 4 models of Shindaiwa backpack blowers will handle the job. In addition, when you purchase a Shindaiwa product, you can use it with confidence. That's because it will be backed by their stellar reputation for quality and workmanship.

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